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Thread: Caching Humour

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    Alice Band Guest


    Here's a pic I found on a Scandinavian cachers home page, Jasy. Thought it might be good start for a caching humour thread!

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    KathyXB Guest


    Geocaching Terms You Don't Find In The Handbook
    - This has been quoted from "Today's cacher" magazine, By Torry Stiles

    EVENT CACHE = Gathering of geocachers

    EVENT CASH = Passing the hat to pay for an Event Cache

    HATLESS CACHER = What you get when you don't watch who's passing the hat

    CACHE RATING = Description given on cache pages to help cachers determine the difficulty of caches

    CACHESTRATING = When your wife insists you not go caching

    CACHE BAIT = Hollow logs near trails that are just begging to be fed Tupperware

    VIRTUAL THIEVERY = Using PhotoShop or Google to fake a claim on a virtual cache

    VIRTUALOSITY = Granting a find on a virtual cache even though you believe the finder never got close.

    MISSDIRECTION = The nine-year-old girl who points out the cache location while the grown-ups are still checking their PDAs

    CACHE STICK = A geocacher's staff

    CACHE TICK = Unwanted hitchhiker from grassy areas

    CACHE SHTICK = Boring one's coworkers by talking of nothing but caching

    GARMEANDERING = Act of following the "GO TO" arrow on your little yellow eTrex.; see also: eTREXERCISE

    eTREXERCISE = All the extra walking you do when all you've got is the little yellow booger

    BUGHO = Someone who revisits caches just to snag the travel bugs

    BUGWARDEN = Someone who gets a travel bug and doesn't want to set it free again

    BUGJUNKIE = Someone who would drive over their own mother for a travel bug

    BUGSNIFFER = Cacher who hits the cache just in time to grab the travel bug you've been chasing for months.

    MAGELLICIDE = Walking off a cliff while following the map on your GPS instead of the trail

    GARMIN DISTRICT = Corner of the Cache Event decorated with "Magellan Sucks" posters

    MAGELLAND = The other corner

    POOCACHE = What you sometimes find when you reach into the hollow log without looking first

    CACHE HASH = The small bits of leaves, broken toys, snail shells, bug bodies and other detritus found at the bottom of a well-visited cache

    CACHE DRAWER = Where a cacher keeps his supply of pencils, notebooks, plastic bugs, sock puppets, McToys, film cans and other caching supplies

    CACHE DRAWERS = Items occasionally left in caches at entrances to nudist colonies.

    CACHE NUTS = Found in above

    CACHE U-NUTS = Used with cache U-bolts to secure caches to poles

    JOHNNY CASH = Famous country/western singer

    JOHNNY CACHE = See: muggled, disgusting mess

    CACHE RELIEF = A handy tree away from the cache and fellow cachers

    CACHE CASH RELIEF = Finding change for the meter in the micro when all you have left is bills

    CACHERAM = Mythical source of all Hindu and Buddhist related virtual caches

    CACHE POTATO = Cacher who spends hours on the computer instead of caching.

    WAYPOINT = Marked location

    WAYPINT = Beer at marked location

    WAYPAINT = Used to make the "X" for the "'X' marks the spot."

    WAYPUNT = The act of kicking ground cover and anything handy when you can't find the cache at "Ground Zero."

    GROUND ZERO = The point at which you GPSr claims you should find the cache.

    GROUCH ZERO = The point at which you curse the GPSr that has you waist deep in a lake.

    ZERO GROUND = The point at which you learn to swim.

    GEOCRASHING = Crossing private property to get to a cache.

    GEOTHRASHING = Act of flailing through the bushes looking for matchbox containers

    GEOTRASHING = Badmouthing other cache hiders

    CACHEGUERILLA = One who places a cache anywhere regardless of caching etiquette, rules or proper procedure.

    GUERILLACACHE = One placed in defiance of rules, just begging to be archived.

    CACHE GRILLER = Ill-placed micro at a cookout

    AMMOPHELES = Type of mosquito found living near traditional caches.

    SKEETER-DEETER = Expert in bug repellent

    GEO METRO = Inexpensive automobile

    GEO-METRO = One whose caching activities are limited to urban areas

    GEO PRISM = Inexpensive car that is my current ride.

    GEO-PRISON = Cache containing a travel bug that is in a nearly inaccessible location

    LOGARITHMS = Notes left by poetic cachers

    CACHE WINE = After-caching libation for adults

    CACHE WHINE = After-caching laments for all

    LOGJAM = What occurs when the cache owner fails to replace the cache log.

    McBEEF = Complaint about the placement of Happy Meal toys in caches.

    McCACHE = Just like a thousand others found all over the world hidden the same way with the same kind of stuff inside.

    BRITCHERS = New pants on a hot day

    ZIPBLOCK = The bad spot on a cheap baggie that keeps it from sealing properly.

    CACHE FLUFFER = someone who feels obligated to go through a crowded Tupperware container leaving it impossible to close the lid

    CAMMO BOX = Cache container hidden in deep woods under three feet of sticks and leaves and another two feet of snow... see also, DNF

    FILM CAN = Popular micro-cache container

    CAN FILM = Layer of goo on top of week-old opened soda pop grabbed by mistake in dark garage

    CACHE COMMANDO = Cacher who seeks to rescue lost, damaged or muggled caches

    COMMANDO CACHER = One who caches without undergarments

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