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    I wonder if anyone can help with a couple of questions?
    1) Is it possible to change your nickname on this site?
    I ask because in my initial burst of enthusiasm I registered a nickname for myself not realising that the the rest of the family would join me in my caching.
    So we have a team name (Team Marigold) but on this site I am Summerlightning.
    It would avoid confusion if I could log in under our team name.
    2)Is anyone else having trouble with logging on the Groundspeak forums?
    I am logged into but if I try to reply to a message it tells me I do not have authority as I am not logged in. So I log in. It tells me I am logged in as Team Marigold but then it welcomes me as guest.
    Thanks in advance
    Chris of Team Marigold

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    Chris, just to avoid any possible misunderstanding, could you confirm that you would like the name of your existing account here changed from Summerlightning to Team Marigold?

    Once you've confirmed that I'll make the change.
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