I can't help but wonder why this move to regional forums?
It might just be my ignorance, but I'm not struck by the number of region specific postings in the GB wide forums to date - if there hasn't been a need so far, why the need to try to fragment what is at the moment a fairly close knit national community?
I can see that in places like the US, where geography, and even customs and laws might change pretty dramatically by region, there would be a need for "local" forums - but here? How are you going to subdivide? For example, Devon and Cornwall sounds like a pretty neat division - unless you live in East Devon, when you'll want a Devon and Dorset forum; or North Devon, when Devon and Somerset might make more sense. And why tie Somerset to North Devon, when you've got borders and close ties with Avon, Bristol and Wiltshire?

One of the great appeals of geocaching for me is that the game is played exactly the same way whether I'm at home in Devon, back in Southampton, or on business in Yorkshire. If the rules are the same, and the issues are the same, why create forums based on geography? Personally I think we'd be better served with forums based on ability, or age, or whatever individuals want to get out of geocaching.