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Thread: Hot off the press....?

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    keehotee Guest


    Etrex's are getting SS III chips......and scroll to the end for more news

    Garmin is launching a new range of its eTrex GPS devices featuring High Sensitivity GPS receivers which provide more reliable reception, even under tree cover.

    The new range will be available in outdoor shops from late July and the five new models will supercede the existing range of eTrex devices. There are five models in the range, the eTrex H, Venture HC, Summit HC, Legend HCx and Vista HCx.

    Quicker Fix

    'By adding High Sensitivity GPS to even our entry-level devices, users will be able to acquire a GPS fix more quickly and then enjoy better reception, even in areas with high levels of tree cover - whatever their budget,' says Andy Silver, Fitness and Outdoor Marketing, Garmin.

    'At the same time, the new range is also put together in a way that makes it easier for users to choose the right product for them. We are always looking at ways to improve our products so that they provide the features that people really want and need.'

    Bottom To Top

    The entry level model is the eTrex H, a waterproof unit which, like the others in the range, features the high sensitivity receiver. Like other Garmin handhelds it is WAAS / EGNOS enabled, which means it will pinpoint your position to within 3 metres.

    The top-end model, the eTrex Vista HCx - pictured - features a sunlight-readable colour screen, USB connectivity, expandable memory, built-in basemap data, altimeter, compass and, when used in conjunction with TopoGB map data, can even provide turn by turn directions for navigation on road as well as off.


    Finally, in conjunction with the new eTrex range, Garmin is launching a new Geocaching feature on its web site which, it says here, simplifies downloading geocaches to Garmin devices and eliminates entering co-ordinates manually.

    More Garmin information at

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i've loaded the new software and it really is very easy and quick to download waypoints.

    it comes in usefull if there are just a few local ones you want without doing a full pq.

    but i think i will hang on to my little gpsmap60c until i win the lottery.

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