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Thread: Coming to London

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    wyoming wombats Guest



    I'm an Aussie coming to London for a few days late August, early September. A few questions.

    1 - Is this the right forum for such questions?

    2 - Will be staying at Olympia (August) and Paddington (September). Are there any quick caches that can be picked up around those two locations?

    3 - I will be bringing a movable cache / TB (you will see when someone gets it). It is a 120x90x90 mm container. Are there any EASY caches that can accommodate a container of this size in the above areas OR Greenwich?

    Any replies happily accepted. Thanks all.

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    Eckington one of the UK Reviewers is trying to organise a cache event on the 10th of September in London more details Here. So if your going to be visiting on that date, you'll find a warm welcome :lol:. That other expert on Red Wine Lactodorum is hoping to be attending as well [another UK Reviewer :lol: ]
    My post is my personal opinion and as such you do not have my permission to quote me outside of these forums!

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    wyoming wombats Guest


    In London 22 to 24 Aug and 6 to 8 Sept. Am accompying my non-caching wife on holidays. Unfortunately as we are half way around the world, she doesn't see it as a caching holiday. Would loved to have visited the event though.

    HOWEVER, if places and times could be arranged I would POSSIBLY be able to meet the natives and exchange pleasantries. It appears that my best chances of caching are virtuals or caches able to be done early in the morning (6.00am ish) or later in the night.

    As can be seen, time will be very short (we will be struggling to see the thingas we want in the limited amount of time we will be there. Because of this, any help will be appreciated. And if a local cacher is there, wellllllll........

    Thanks again.

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    Paladin8 Guest


    I will be coming to the World Scout Jamboree in July from the US. I will be arriving on July 19---early, so that I can do some caching. If anyone has any suggestions, I would gratefully receive them.

    Thank you.


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    nobbynobbs Guest


    depends on what you want to see really?

    are you stuck in london or are you going to be mobile to get out into the countryside a bit more?

    where is the gathering going to be?

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    Paladin8 Guest


    Thanks for your reply. I will be in London proper. The Jamboree is in Chelmsford, Essex, and runs from July 28 to August 9. As staff, I must report on July 24, which gives me about 4 days for London sightseeing and caching.

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i'm afraid that i don't know many caches in that area, if no one else posts here then make sure that you ask on the forum sub section united kingdom. someone will have a list of ones not to miss.

    but quite honestly you couldn't go wrong just using a caching walk to see all the sites.

    the centre of london is full of micros that will happily occupy you while you walk or tube through london.

    see chris and marie's tube map

    see chris and marie's guide to caching in london

    hope that they both come in useful

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    Paladin8 Guest


    Thank You !

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    wyoming wombats Guest


    Thanks for the Chris and Marie links. They'll help. Perhaps I'll bump into someone.

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