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Geocaching Media Archive

Over the years, geocaching has received a large amount of coverage in the media. Below is an archive of the times that geocaching has been featured or mentioned in online articles, newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, television segments, and everything in between.

This archive will grow over time following further research and submissions from our members. We hope that you enjoy looking through what we already have.


15 September
Countryfile - Guide to geocaching: what it is and how to get started (unnamed author)

8 August
Liverpool Echo - Incredible way to see Merseyside like you've never seen it before (by Elle May Rice)


30 December
The Mendips Rock - Geocaching in Somerset (unnamed author)

6 March
BBC Radio Somerset - Geocaching in Somerset (featuring Chris Warren)


13 June
The Press - New geocache treasure hunt launched in Sandsend, North Yorkshire (by Nadia Jefferson-Brown)


1 September
BBC Close Calls: On Camera - A close call for Sarah Leonard (from 22:20) (presented by Nick Knowles)

17 July
Border Life - Caledonian Cachefest event (presented by Sandy McCracken)

23 January
Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce - X marks the spot: Aberdeenshire to welcome global geocaching treasure hunt in 2019 (by Aberdeenshire Council)


29 September
Mendip Times 12(5) - Charcoal burners at work, p. 56 (by Judith Tranter)

18 April
Kent Teach - 7 Positive Things To Do Over Easter Holiday (by Wing Shek)

10 March
Winfield Outdoors - Geocaching For Beginners - The How, What, Where & Why (unnamed author)

12 February
Primary Times - Go on a treasure hunt with gadgets (unnamed author)

16 January
GCHarribo on YouTube - First vlog uploaded (link to channel)

2 January
Geocacher Owain on YouTube - First vlog uploaded (link to channel)


22 April
North Somerset Times - Coastguard rescue confusion (by Liam Jones)

20 April
BBC Bristol - Rescued Clevedon geocachers were 'never in danger' (unnamed author)


Wilts & Glos Standard - Volunteers participate in a litter event (unnamed author)

3 July
Lincolnshire Echo - I was trampled by cows but I don’t remember a thing (by Hannah Gilbey)

26 June
Daily Mail - Nurse trampled by cows rings 999 – and is dismissed as a prank caller (by Lucy Osborne)

23 June
BBC Look North - Woman trampled by cows (report by Simon Spark)

22 May
BBC Radio 2 - Interview with Sarah Leonard (presented by unknown)

Woodland Trust Broadleaf - Search party (by Elisabeth Garton)

Scottish Farming Leader - Landowners reassured over new craze (by Terry Marsh)


28 November
Lincolnshire Echo - Nurse critically injured by herd of cows is on the mend (unnamed author)

22 November
BBC Look North - Woman trampled by cows (report by Simon Spark)

The Times - GPS treasure-hunter trampled by cows (by Kate Gibbons)

Daily Telegraph - Cows attack nurse on treasure hunt (unnamed author)

Daily Mirror - Nurse, 59 attacked by cows (by Steven White)

21 November
BBC Radio Lincolnshire - Geocaching trip puts Sarah in hospital (presented by William Wright)

9 November
BBC Radio 4 - Geocaching in Salcey Forest (presented by Helen Mark)

26 March
The Independent - Geocaching craze leaves York residents underwhelmed (by Freddie Nathan)

12 March
Out & About Live - A beginners guide to geocaching (unnamed author)

9 February
BBC Radio Gloucestershire - Local geocaching event (unnamed presenter)

4 January
Geo Paul on YouTube - First vlog uploaded (link to channel)


We do not currently have anything in our archive from 2012. If you know of something that could be added, please email it to


30 December
The Scotsman - Seeking out the hi-tech treasure hunters (by Nick Drainey)

10 August
BBC Radio Scotland - Geocaching (presented by Helen Needham)

21 October
Daily Record - Bench marks Perthshire geocaching competition (unnamed author)

6 July
BBC News Leeds & West Yorkshire - Geocaching: the unintended results (by Danny Savage)

8 June
geocachespoilers by Sven on YouTube - First vlog uploaded (link to channel)

5 February
Geocaching Association of Great Britain - First issue of Seeker (link to Seeker back issues)

28 January
BBC Breakfast - Mike Bushell goes geocaching (presented by Mike Bushell)


29 July
BBC Radio Scotland - Mega Scotland (featuring Big Wolf, *mouse*, keehotee, Haggis Hunter and LeeMC80)

23 July
BBC Radio Four - Cache in Pocket (presented by Ian Peacock)

BBC Technology - How geocaching took a couple from Pratts Bottom to Oz (by Ian Peacock)

Shropshire Autonomy - Geocaching (by Dominic Murray)


Mendip Society Newsletter - Geocaching: search and find the GPS way (by Jen Harley)

29 April
BBC Oxford - Geocaching (by Cristina Parry)


28 October
BBC York & North Yorkshire - Geocaching (by Lisa Crawford)

23 May
BBC Isle of Man - What is geocaching? (by Andy Stephenson)

3 May
BBC Isle of Man - Cache in on the Manx Countryside (by Alan Cole)


29 December
Gazette and Herald - Leipzig designated geocaching site (by Jill Crooks)

16 October
On the Wight - Exploring The Isle of Wight’s Countryside – 21st Century (by IW Council Press Office)


3 August
Paul Smith on YouTube - Geocaching on Scafell Pike, England's highest point

3 May
BBC Radio Scotland - Geocaching on the MacAulay & Co Show (presented by Richard Cadley)


1 October
The Telegraph - High-tech treasure hunt (by Robert Uhlig)

10 August
BBC Radio Scotland - Geocaching (presented by Mark Stephen)

25 June
Paul Smith on YouTube - Geocaching on Ben Nevis, Scotland (and the UKs) highest mountain - cache event

24 February
BBC Points West - Geocaching (presented by Steve Knibbs)
Behind the scenes at Lansdown, near Bath - photo one and photo two. The caches visited were GCJ7MF and GCH7VB.
Behind the scenes at Stanton Park, Swindon - photo one, photo two and photo three. The BBC placed their own cache here, GCMTNA.

13 February
BBC Countryfile - Geocaching diary (link to event page)


10 March
BBC Wiltshire Online - A Geocaching we will go... (by Sarah Jones)


13 January
BBC Inside Out - Geocaching (unnamed author)


We do not currently have anything in our archive from 2002. If you know of something that could be added, please email it to


5 March
BBC News - How to play hide-and-seek by satellite (unnamed author)


We do not currently have anything in our archive from 2000. If you know of something that could be added, please email it to

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