Seeker Issue 28

This issue contains our Chair's message. The North Wales UK Mega, Geolympix, Piratemania and much more...

Posted by: sharant on 29th Apr 2016

GLAD - DEFA, Isle of Man

We are pleased to say that we have finalised a new land agreement
with DEFA, Isle of Man, covering the whole island...
DEFA, Isle of Man

Posted by: sharant on 26th Apr 2016

GAGB on Tour Event #1

We are excited to announce that the first GAGB roving event has been published! Saturday 4th June, 12-4pm
at Dearnford Lake, Whitchurch, Shropshire (GC6FW7V).<

Posted by: sharant on 21st Apr 2016

Kent - Teach Article

An interesting article in Kent - Teach on 7 Positive Things To Do Over Easter Holiday.
We wondered why we received a lot of teachers asking how to start geocaching in the last few weeks...

Posted by: sharant on 18th Apr 2016

GAGB Monthly Report

To help keep our members informed about what we do.
Here is our Monthly Activity Report...

Posted by: sharant on 1st Apr 2016

GAGB Online Shop

The GAGB have an online shop where you can purchase GAGB branded merchandise...

Posted by: sharant on 26th Mar 2016

The Gadget Show

Who saw the short geocaching bit on the gadget show visiting the Old Times cache in Gloucester (GC4H7P9)?
Did you see the fleeting glimpse of the GAGB coin?

Posted by: sharant on 19th Mar 2016

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