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GAGB Trackable Race Winners

Our ‘Racing Hounds’ trackable race began in January 2019, and concluded a couple of weeks ago. Between them, 76 tags travelled almost 500,000 kilometres, visiting 31 countries across 5 continents. We are now pleased to announce the winners...

Posted by: Griff Grof on 21st Jan 2020

GAGB Accounts for Year Ending 30.09.19

The GAGB accounts for the financial year (ending 30.09.19) can be found here.

Posted by: Griff Grof on 12th Nov 2019

GAGB Executive Committee Elections (2019/20)

All GAGB members are eligible, and encouraged, to participate. You must be 18 or over to stand for election, but all members can nominate and vote. All ‘active’ members will receive a ballot to your registered email. The full election details can be found here

Posted by: Griff Grof on 1st Nov 2019

GAGB's YOSM Adventure Lab now live

Our new Adventure Lab is now live! The GAGB's brand new Adventure Lab takes you to the 10 most visited YOSM locations. If you complete all of the stages in person, then you will have travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain... a true adventure! Good Luck! 

Posted by: Griff Grof on 16th Aug 2019


Get ready for GAGB CITO Week, beginning on Saturday September 14th and ending on Sunday September 22nd. That’s nine full days! We encourage you to organise a CITO for GAGB CITO Week. Two profile badges are up for grabs - one for organisers, and another for attendees. In addition, as it falls within Groundspeak’s autumn CITO season, attendees will also obtain an official souvenir.

Posted by: Griff Grof on 4th Jun 2019

GAGB Adventure Lab now live

We’re excited to announce that our Adventure Lab is now LIVE! The adventure takes the player through a number of locations in the Central London area, ranging from the London Eye, to Big Ben and Trafalgar Square. All locations are wheelchair accessible and are perfect for taking that London Selfie. Each location will have a question that you have to answer. This proves that you were doing the selfie adventure and not sitting at home looking on Google Maps.&

Posted by: Griff Grof on 20th Apr 2019

GAGB SWAG Weekend Easter 2019

We can confirm that our SWAG Weekend 2019 will be Easter weekend (19th-22nd April). It's all about removing 'tat' and placing some good quality SWAG (trade items) inside any caches you find throughout the four-day weekend.

Posted by: Griff Grof on 10th Mar 2019

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