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GAGB Trackable Race 2019

The GAGB is running a trackable race in 2019. To join the race, choose a dog breed, purchase the tag from our Online Shop, and place it in a cache or event to start its journey! There are five race categories. The main prize is for the Long Distance Runner - the tag to travel the furthest by early 2020. Tags are also competing to be crowned Best of Breed - check out the goals of the different breeds and choose wisely! Tags cost £5.50 each.

Posted by: Griff Grof on 8th Jan 2019

GAGB 2018/19 Executive Committee Elections Result

GAGB Elections are now over. Only one person was nominated for Chair, and seven people accepted their nominations for a place on the Committee. Therefore, a ballot was not held. The 2018/1

Posted by: Griff Grof on 22nd Dec 2018

2018/2019 GAGB Executive Committee Elections

All GAGB members are eligible, and encouraged, to participate. You must be 18 or over to stand for election, but all members can nominate and vote. All ‘active’ members will receive a ballot to your registered email. The full election details can be found here

Posted by: Griff Grof on 31st Oct 2018

GAGB SWAG Weekend 2018

SWAG Weekend 2018

We can confirm that our SWAG Weekend 2018 will be August Bank Holiday weekend (25th-27th August). It's all about removing 'tat' and placing some good quality SWAG (trade items) inside any caches you find throughout the weekend.

Posted by: Griff Grof on 6th Jul 2018

GAGB Annual Weekend 2018

GAGB Annual CITO Weekend 2018

The GAGB can now confirm that the GAGB Annual CITO Weekend 2018 will be the weekend of Saturday 15th September and Sunday 16th September.  It is not as difficult as you may think to organise a CITO event.

Posted by: Admingray on 11th May 2018

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