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Seeker Issue 21

In this issue: Jasmer challenges, a beginners view of Geocaching, the Southport CITO event, caching without GSAK, caching on the Isle of Man, Garmin’s Backpack tether product review, Kent Mega report, more from the GSAK masterclass, and much more...

Posted by: *geocass* on 15th Jul 2014

Seeker Issue 20

In this issue: Chequerdog give us some tips on how to train our dogs to hunt geocaches, an article on Church Micro 5000 at the beautiful Chichester cathedral, six years of Sidetracked, a look at Geocaching on the Isle of Mull, Geocass reviews Peak Design’s Capture Pro Camera Clip and more..

Posted by: *geocass* on 13th May 2014

Seeker Issue 19

In this issue: Geocaching in Alaska, how to stay safe whilst out geocaching, coordinate conversions, an interview with 'ganja1447' on his fantastic stats website Project-GC, an interview with 'Lizzardman', some tips on how to get started with GSAK, and much more!

Posted by: *geocass* on 3rd Mar 2014

Seeker Issue 18

Seeker Issue 18 is now available. In this issue: Earthcache news, RichLay tells us about his most memorable cache, how to use offline lists on the iPhone app, advice on dealing with cows, Geocaching in the Azores, a review on Aigle Parcours 2 Pro Walking Wellies, and much more...

Posted by: admin on 6th Jan 2014

Seeker Issue 17

Seeker Issue 17 is now available. In this issue: GAGB committee election information, Paul Standen (Dr Evil) explains how he became GCHQ’s 'Geocacher of the Month', *mouse* (and Maple Leaf) go caching in Ireland, Geocaching in the Faroe Islands, and much more...

Posted by: admin on 2nd Nov 2013

Seeker Issue 16

In this issue: GAGB elections, a report on Piratemania 2013, a product review on Hotter Viking Boots, a field report from the 2013 Geocaching HQ block party, Geocaching in Portugal, a report on UK MEGA 2013, Portrait of Shetland, and more!

Posted by: admin on 11th Sep 2013

Seeker Issue 15

In this issue: A review of the Garmin Oregon 600, lots of CITO event news, a Portrait of Brittany, and more!

Posted by: admin on 29th Jul 2013

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