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Seeker Issue 20

In this issue: Chequerdog give us some tips on how to train our dogs to hunt geocaches, an article on Church Micro 5000 at the beautiful Chichester cathedral, six years of Sidetracked, a look at Geocaching on the Isle of Mull, Geocass reviews Peak Design’s Capture Pro Camera Clip and more..

Posted by: *geocass* on 13th May 2014

Seeker Issue 19

In this issue: Geocaching in Alaska, how to stay safe whilst out geocaching, coordinate conversions, an interview with 'ganja1447' on his fantastic stats website Project-GC, an interview with 'Lizzardman', some tips on how to get started with GSAK, and much more!

Posted by: *geocass* on 3rd Mar 2014

Seeker Issue 18

Seeker Issue 18 is now available. In this issue: Earthcache news, RichLay tells us about his most memorable cache, how to use offline lists on the iPhone app, advice on dealing with cows, Geocaching in the Azores, a review on Aigle Parcours 2 Pro Walking Wellies, and much more...

Posted by: admin on 6th Jan 2014

Seeker Issue 17

Seeker Issue 17 is now available. In this issue: GAGB committee election information, Paul Standen (Dr Evil) explains how he became GCHQ’s 'Geocacher of the Month', *mouse* (and Maple Leaf) go caching in Ireland, Geocaching in the Faroe Islands, and much more...

Posted by: admin on 2nd Nov 2013

Seeker Issue 16

In this issue: GAGB elections, a report on Piratemania 2013, a product review on Hotter Viking Boots, a field report from the 2013 Geocaching HQ block party, Geocaching in Portugal, a report on UK MEGA 2013, Portrait of Shetland, and more!

Posted by: admin on 11th Sep 2013

Seeker Issue 15

In this issue: A review of the Garmin Oregon 600, lots of CITO event news, a Portrait of Brittany, and more!

Posted by: admin on 29th Jul 2013

Seeker Issue 14

In this issue: Logging dilemmas, an interview with the UK MEGA 2013 chairman, a quest for Little Quest, questions about why virtual caches aren't allowed by GroundSpeak anymore, Geocaching in the Pennines, a report on the GAGB's Morecambe Bay walk, and more!

Posted by: admin on 11th May 2013

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