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Results of GAGB Executive Committee Elections (2017/2018)

Posted by: sharant on 4th Dec 2017

The results of the 2017/2018 GAGB Committee are.

CazTurver/Border Caz 71.16% 190 
Arthur Griffiths/Griff Grof 68.16% 182 
Kim Leonard/Leonards193 61.05% 163 
Antony Reid/AntReid 61.05% 163 
Paul Standen/Geopaul the vlogger/Dr Evil. 60.30% 161
Adam Redshaw/UKCACHEMAG 59.93% 160 
Dominic Murray/Geocaching Womble 56.18% 150 
Graham Haddock/Grahamthegray 53.56% 143 
Harri Boorman/GCHarribo 42.70% 114 
Abigail Hamilton-Thompson/Abiherts 41.95% 112

Answered question (completed ballot): 267 
Skipped question (started, but did not complete ballot): 4

The top eight vote recipients will serve on the 2017/18 GAGB Committee.

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who stood to serve on the Committee and voted.

Sorry to see you go Abi and sorry to see you didn't win Harri.

Please look forward to our idea of GAGB Friends to help on the committee in the next year.

Election Results 2017


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