Seeker Issue 36

Posted by: Admingray on 24th Jul 2018

The summer of 2018 brings a lot of new things for us geocachers to try out. In July we have the GAGB Makers Madness event—a cache-making workshop.  Take a look on page 6 of Seeker
All summer Groundspeak are running an experiment in Augmented Reality mystery caches—to find out what they are take a look at our article

Contents Include:

  • From our Chair
  • News Round-up
  • Roving Event #10 - Yarnfield
  • Augmented Fundamentals
  • Mega Week Yorkshire 2018
  • GAGB CITO Weekend
  • Ciphers, Codes and Strange Alphabets
  • Yorkshire  GAGB National Park Geocoin
  • Three Ridings, Two Megas
  • GAGB Racing Hounds

To read all about these please read Seeker Issue 36

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