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GAGB Quarterly Newsletter Issue 2

Welcome to the second quarterly newsletter for members of the GAGB.

We have been trying to find a suitable way to keep you all up to date with what's going on with the association and hence this new newsletter.

We are intending to produce this four times a year and hope that you find it interesting and worth reading.

However, we understand that you may wish to choose to not receive any more. Details can be found at the bottom of this newsletter on how to un-subscribe

Committee Elections 2009

The Committee nominations took place during November 2009 and resulted in the following

Matt Pringle - nobby.nobbs was elected as Chairman for the ensuing year..

The following were nominated and elected as committee members:
Tony Pinnington - mongoose39uk
Stuart Poulson - StuartP
Graeme Sipson - Gazooks
Dave Edwards - The Wombles
Bill Daly - Bill D (wwh)
Tim Hampson - Keehotee
Lucilla Dale - Mrs B 'The Blorenges' (Duly elected as Secretary)
Richard Mullans - DrDick&Vick (duly elected as Treasurer)

GAGB Merchedise

We've recently begun producing some products with the GAGB logo via Geotees. There are two mugs available, a clear window sticker, a bumper sticker and a T-shirt.

There is also a personalized, trackable flag for easy identification at events.

A donation is made from each sale to the GAGB funds to help with the maintenance of the site and future projects.

Changes to the Website and Forums

.The major change recently has been the to migrate the forums and website to a new hosting server, this new server is one that we now have to pay for and therefore the continued support via donations will assist in this outgoing.

There have also been some updates/changes to the following pages of the website and Forums

Small changes to the Home page to show the GAGB merchandise that is available.
Links Page - New links added and out of date and dead links removed
Constitution page corrected
Committee list updated
and a Meet the committee page added
New download items added to the Downloads page

Two variations of the new logo now available to download for cache page use.

GLAD has been updated

New Forum section added for Mega Events
New Forum section added for Caching memories (stories or pictures)
Contribute please.
New Forum section added for Help and Advice that has 3 sub sections as follows:-
Technical Advice (all of the original section)
Practical Help, a place to pass on ideas about cache box creation and camo.
Reviews, this is the place to write reviews on the equipment you own so as people looking to buy can read what is good and what is not

The main calender is now an information calender, GAGB Members can enter information that they think will be of interest to the caching community.
The calender can be viewed by all registered members and forum users

Environment day 2010

This event is still in the planning stages

We will have a camping event and associated non camping events over the course of a weekend.

What we're hoping to do is have a weekend where we will under take numerous tasks with the National Trust. Cache in trash out and any other tasks that they can find for us to do. So if you've got any special skills we'd be very grateful of your help, if you're like me and have very limited skills we'd be even more grateful.

Caching related fun time

.There are two new Geocaching related games/tasks started so go and have a look:

Active Cacher-2010., post up your mileage and elevation stats as you clock them up. Lets see how many we can get.

Active CacherWord Challenge, this one's a bit of fun with participants using certain words and a phrase in to the cache logs they write. The words and phrase are set every month by the previous month's winner. Take a look


We are now on Twitter at, hope to see you Twittering


Mega Scotland

If you would like to help publicise the GAGB at this event, please contact the committee by email

Click to go to the Mega Scotland web site

Newsletter & Membership Details

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