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Thread: GAGB Membership Signup Issues

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    Question GAGB Membership Signup Issues

    Some links pointing at the GAGB forums with regard to the nominations for chairmen have been quoted on emCache.

    A few have mentioned they cannot access the GAGB member areas but more worryingly have been previously been unable to upgrade their GAGB account from "Forum User" to "GAGB Member". At first I thought it was down to people being unaware of the membership process but it appears even the membership page is causing issues.

    Another symptom seems to be that some GAGB members are also incorrectly displaying the tag "Forum User" - Sven for example has accepted a nomination in the GAGB Members area but is still showing the status "Forum User"

    I appreciate there is a joining cut off date for GAGB Members to participate in the elections but I question if the elections should be proceeded with while these technical problems exist. Its clearly blocking some users from taking part in the process.

    [EDIT] Looks like I'm also tagged as a "Forum User"?
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    The forum system has a default setting that if a Forum User upgrades to a Full member it defaults to the Forum User label while still allowing the member to access the Members area.
    If any Member wishes to have their status changed please PM me and I will attend to them. If any full member has problems with not being able to access the members areas please do the same.

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    A PC reboot seemed to do the trick. Or perhaps it was just that I needed to wait a few hours?

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    HH, I changed your forum status.

    At present we're still stuck with two separate databases, one for the forums and one for Members - that's a legacy of when we opened the forums to people who wanted to be able to post here but didn't want to become Members of GAGB.

    Our webmaster's working on reconciling the two databases, but in the meantime, when a forum user becomes a Member of GAGB their forum status needs to be updated manually, usually by Richard (DrDick&Vic) or me. We both receive notifications when someone joins as a Member, and we aim to update as frequently as we can.

    As Richard's said, if anyone's forum status isn't showing correctly just let us know and we'll correct it.

    Tim (Ve8), sorry, as we have to do this manually for the moment a few do slip through - I've now updated your forum status.
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