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Every year, the GAGB promotes a SWAG Weekend, encouraging cachers to stock up every cache they find with some good quality SWAG (an acronym for Stuff We All Get). The first SWAG Weekend was in December 2014, and it now takes place every spring.

2023's GAGB SWAG Weekend will take place between April 7th and April 10th - the long Easter weekend!.

Last year's GAGB SWAG Weekend was one of our biggest ever, so thanks to everyone who took part. You can see a selection of the photos that were sent to us in Seeker Issue 48 (from page 19). Keep reading to find out more about the SWAG Weekend!

SWAG Weekend 2023

The geocache box is large enough, but there's nothing in it! Or your kids open the box all eager, and all they find is a used train ticket. Or the only swaps are faded lumps of plastic from a happy meal, and a bent 2p coin.

Sound familiar...?

Who's to blame for the poor state of the SWAG in many of our geocaches? Not the CO – we often see that the geocache was launched with fantastic prizes, but by the time we get to the geocache it's just a stick and a dodgy-looking lollipop!

Let's all gather up some cool stuff we don't really use and distribute some good SWAG around the country this Easter!

It's all about removing the tat and putting in stuff we would like to find. The usual rules apply – don't leave money, food, or perishables. Family-friendly, please. Ensure the lid is on properly when you are done!

How do I Find Geocaches that can take SWAG?

Using most geocaching apps or the website you can filter your search based on geocache size. Look for geocaches that are 'regular' or 'large' for the best chance of fitting stuff inside. You can often fit smaller items inside 'small' geocaches as well. Feel encouraged to take away anything that's just plain rubbish. We're pretty sure that geocache owners will appreciate the efforts you go to, but do check whether any of the items in the geocache need to stay in the geocache before you do any major purging. For example, letterbox geocaches need to have their stamp – don't mistake it for SWAG!

Signature Items

Some geocachers leave behind little signature items wherever they geocache. Feel free to take them or leave them – they are not intended to litter a geocache forever, they are just a cute connection with the geocacher. Don't throw them away – treasure them, or take them to an event.

Spread the Word

If you find a geocache that really needs better SWAG, please use our hashtag and post something on social media – it'll build interest and awareness ahead of Easter weekend. Like 'Here's a geocache that is really in need of #GAGBSWAG weekend', or 'started #GAGBSWAG weekend early' or similar. Together we can do something here!

Profile Badge

Everyone who gets involved will earn a special profile badge! All you need to do is prove that you took part by sending us a photo of a geocache you have added SWAG to (we'd love to see before and after shots!).

Submit your photo(s) to us via Facebook (send us a message here), Twitter or Instagram (as a Direct Message) or email We will then get back to you shortly.

Please note that we will eventually share all photos on our social media channels, and some may be included in the next issue of our Seeker magazine. The photos will always be credited as your own.


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