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Upcoming Geocaching Events

This page is updated daily with future MEGAs, CITOs, and Events that have been published on

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Last updated on: 28-Nov-2023

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Wednesday 29th November 2023
EventMeet & Greet by stensbye in Jersey
CITO EventGingko Planting and Tree Care by fizzwhizz in Southern England
EventHear the sound of the Bow Bell by goldpot in London
EventCalderdale Craic 7 by dibby3 in Yorkshire
Thursday 30th November 2023
EventGang Encounters.. Puzzle Club #22 ?? by ChapmanGang in South East England
EventGER meets IRL by GeiKu in Dublin
EventVangeRover on Tour #14 - Aylesbury by VangeRover in Southern England
EventBathtime Buddies ?? - higster 30000 !! by Bathtime Buddies in South West England
CITO EventWoodland Pathway Day @ Austenwood Common by ChilternRangers in Southern England
CITO EventHelping improve the Great Crested Newt habitat. by MANDMADEandMAN in Southern England
Friday 1st December 2023
EventA bit of Festive Sun 2023 by campdave in North West England
CITO EventDrub the Scrub that Slows the Flows by YazCeleste in Southern England
EventWhite Rabbits for Breakfast by RidgeGrovers in West Midlands
CITO EventFarm Friday Hedge Planting @ Woodoaks Farm by ChilternRangers in Eastern England
Saturday 2nd December 2023
EventChristmas Lunch in Staffordshire 2023 by The Haywood Hornet in West Midlands
Event??SELBAC #163 - XMAS CARVERY AT EDEN PARK!?? by The Creepy Crawlies in London
EventSaturday Evening in Old Amersham by Brian~! in Southern England
CITO EventA Pick and a Promise ?? by angelou666 in Eastern England
EventHiston Hangout by angelou666 in Eastern England
EventA Cork Event: But it is not a Bank Holiday?! ?? by Hoshicach in Munster
CITO EventHelping out at Hemmick Beach by spooky_luke in South West England
Sunday 3rd December 2023
Event???? Swiss Geocachers in Chester ???? by Ditli in North West England
EventThe Last Battle V by Lauraloll in Northern Scotland
EventPuzzle Club 21: 'O Latte Town' of Leigh Park by mellers in Southern England
EventSaltaire ???? Roberts Park by matthewgibbs in Yorkshire
CITO Event(Aylesbury CITO 26) Sydney Street by Dan's community charity in Southern England
Monday 4th December 2023
EventGeocaching in Middlesex Meet #28 in Old Middlesex by Paulared in London
CITO EventMobilisation at Millfields : Tree Care by YazCeleste in Southern England
EventThe Happening 127 by bunny-summers in Eastern England
Tuesday 5th December 2023
EventThe Epic Geocache Wander 2023 - Many Partings by ChepstowRomans in South Wales
Event Cachers Christmas Chatter by Raggiedoll in North West England
EventIT'S CHRISTMAAAAAASSSS! ..... Nearly by The77Club in Southern England
Wednesday 6th December 2023
EventBrummie Meet ?? Christmas 2023 ?? by Optimist on the run in West Midlands
EventSt Nicholas Day at Trafalgar Square by goldpot in London
CITO EventQGC Woodland Winter Warmer : Tree Care by YazCeleste in Southern England
EventA festive get together before it gets crazy by BlitzMar2010 in South West England
Thursday 7th December 2023
EventErewash Morning Meetup 25 by ErewashPaddler in East Midlands
EventA Teesside Event #32 by lizc8 in Yorkshire
Event?? ?? Chandler's Ford Forum #46 by The Chilihouse in Southern England
EventHaggis on Tour by TeamPilot in Southern Scotland
EventChristmas Jumper Event 2023 by smhalls and Emustat in South Wales
EventThe Southside Coffee Cache is wrapped up warm by jewelandarlin in Dublin
Friday 8th December 2023
Mega EventProyecto Huelva 2023 by Proyecto Huelva in Spain
CITO EventDecember's Dealing with Dangling heDges by Monski in Southern England
EventX-M-I-T-M-O-N #21 Dents Houses Double by trebor nosnwot in Yorkshire
EventLad(d)ies What Lunch 11 - the Christmas edition by fm1906 in Yorkshire
EventMeet the Borderers by firrwood-johnny in Northern Scotland
Saturday 9th December 2023
Mega EventADVENTNÍ GEOSKORÁPKY / ADVENT GEONUTSHELLS 2023 by Saman Plha Jednounohouvhrobe Mykeš in Czechia
EventChieveley Christmas Caper 2023 by look-sharp in Southern England
EventT-o-T #91 Aysgarth Again by trebor nosnwot in Yorkshire
EventChristmas Conversion - 8th attempt by Lulybelle in Munster
EventChristmas Corroboree XIX by Black Pig and the Piglet ft MikeG in Yorkshire
CITO Eventhedgepiglet's Rhodo bashing by hedgepiglet in London
EventA Cornish Hat Mob Flash Event by buzio in South West England
CITO EventPlastic Pick Up by gladstone8 in Northern Scotland
CITO EventYork Cemetery - A Grave Undertaking - CITO by mr.jonesy & sarahsbigtrip in Yorkshire
CITO EventLeaf Your Mark by angelou666 in Eastern England
CITO EventDid someone say 200th Hosted CITO!?! by Monski in Southern England
CITO EventDeangarden Wood Conservation Day by ChilternRangers in Southern England
EventA Long Stick and Free Chocolate by Nutty_and_Evil in East Midlands
Sunday 10th December 2023
EventDejan vs Isak - Meet and greet two swedes! Again! by bjazze in London
EventDown a street in Hampstead by discodancingdiva in London
EventShirley Sunriser VII: The Christmas Special ???? by mmmPIZZA in West Midlands
EventSouth Lincs. Get Together by LandMB in East Midlands
CITO Event(Aylesbury CITO 27) The bell Stoke Mandeville by Dan's community charity in Southern England
EventChristmas @ Woodoaks by Watford_Chick in Eastern England
CITO EventDecember's Delivering Diligent Doctoring by Monski in Southern England
EventEssex/Suffolk Border Cache & Piffle #69 by Bee of Good Cheer and Nikoski in Eastern England
CITO EventHartham Common litter pick by abiherts in Eastern England
Monday 11th December 2023
EventLondon Event - All I want for Christmas is… by mariahpot in London
CITO EventDecember's Decimating Dangling Detritus by Monski in Southern England
Event95th Lambourn Event by Pebbles&Co in Southern England
EventLunchtime Meet Up by The Amasons in East Midlands
Tuesday 12th December 2023
EventKT 134 - More Massiv Merriment (Gangsta Wrappers) by Da Winsford Massiv in North West England
EventCunning Cachers December 2023 by The Cache Hoppers in Southern England
EventThe Maverics Puzzle Corner #22 by the maverics in Eastern England
EventEastleigh Evening Event #82 by 1gowild and Louiseannhw in Southern England
EventCheltenham Monthly #4 - Warm and Dry by SpyderWeasel in Southern England
EventChristmas Truce! The Visit to Bethlehem by jonaj31 in South Wales
Wednesday 13th December 2023
EventHampshire Monthly Mid Week Christmas Event 2023 by PetersfieldPoodlePosse in Southern England
Event#4 Staffordshire Monthly Meet by JnK Fox in West Midlands
EventHarrogate chat & Drink #25 by wozainali in Yorkshire
CITO EventTo Cut a Long Hedge Short … by YazCeleste in Southern England
Thursday 14th December 2023
EventAnother Winter Warmer ! by Dabtec in Southern England
EventSurrey Mid-Week Event #143: Christmas Party by Surrey Cachers in South East England
EventEv1ls brunch club by Ev1l 81tch in Southern England
Event??A Christmas Cacher?? by Aarons_Coat in Ulster
EventKaosCL's Birthday / GeM's December Event by BigLynx in East Midlands
EventAll my Days 1 by Tbear186 in London
Friday 15th December 2023
EventDecember Meet up by TeamPilot in Northern Scotland
Event A Chatty Cache - Jingle Bells #9 by Blue Jay & Toffee Man in Dublin
EventT-o-T #92 Friday Frolic near Fareham by trebor nosnwot in Southern England
EventRural Rendezvous #67 - Ugly Christmas Sweater Day by mutchie in Southern England
EventFlitwick Friday Coffee Morning #28; Festive Fun?? by MANDMADEandMAN in Eastern England
CITO EventPondering at Hucclecote Meadows SSSI by YazCeleste in Southern England
Saturday 16th December 2023
Mega Event9. Brockenfrühstück by glider74 Die Hexe & schlumbum in Germany
EventStop and Chat: A Festive Meet Up. by Matt8889 in Southern England
EventNewark & District Monthly Meet #24 by sponge_3 in East Midlands
EventSecret Santa in Newtownards #5 by Craftydaisy in Ulster
EventAll my Days II by Tbear186 in London
EventHow Puzzling X by xxxVCxxx in Southern England
Sunday 17th December 2023
EventSDG Breakfast Club #41 - ??December 2023?? by opted-out user in East Midlands
EventChristmas ?? Jumper ?? Event by melin boy & shyalot in South Wales
EventDartmoor Tors Monthly Event 27 - Rowtor by NSCR in South West England
EventBreakfast at the old power station by The Biggin Hill Flyers in London
CITO Event(Aylesbury CITO 28) Old Stoke Road / Stoke Road by Dan's community charity & Aylesbury wombles in Southern England
EventGEOCACHERS ARE HO HO HO! by terrapintim in South East England
Monday 18th December 2023
EventChristmas Board Games by GloveGirl in South West England
CITO EventDecember's Demolishing Dense Dell by Monski in Southern England
EventSideTracked - Littlehampton by goldpot in South East England
EventChristmas winter warmer 2023 by the maverics in Eastern England
Tuesday 19th December 2023
EventPuzzle Club - December by Mang in South East England
Wednesday 20th December 2023
EventSOX in December - Bring your Christmas SOX! by rosela in Southern England
EventMonthly Mid-Week Meet in Sussex # 172 by Sussex Cachers in South East England
EventSolstice what solstice by trebor nosnwot in North West England
CITO Event‘Tis the Season … for Tree Care by YazCeleste in Southern England
EventFarnborough Monthly Meet # 26 by ReggieCat in Southern England
Thursday 21st December 2023
EventNorth Bristol Social #50 Its nearly CHRISTMAS!!! by Trolleygranny in South West England
Event80 Days - Day 80 by Sterling-Cache in London
EventMoore Mince Pies (2023) by Moore4us2 & Moore4us in London
EventJoin us at the Beer Tent by The Creepy Crawlies in London
Friday 22nd December 2023
CITO EventChristmas Indulgence Time Out in the Orchard by Monski in Southern England
EventThe Christmas Jumper Event 2023 by FliDoo in Southern Scotland
EventWinter Solstice 2023 - Malton by TrainSPLOTer in Yorkshire
Saturday 23rd December 2023
EventWifey's Annual-ish Christmas Get Together 2023 by WifeyRobinson in Southern England
Sunday 24th December 2023
Event???? I believe in Father Christmas ???? by terrapintim in South East England
EventThaxted for Christmas Eve by goldpot in Eastern England
EventHere Comes The Sun V by mashworth in Southern England
Monday 25th December 2023
EventChristmas meet on Bishy Beach by Louiseannhw in Southern England
EventRocha's first Chrimbo Caching Catchup by Roan65 & Rocha in South Wales
Event?? Merry Christmas Everybody ?? by terrapintim ?? in South East England
EventChristmas Day Escape to Mersea Island! ??? by goldpot in Eastern England
EventIT'S CHRISTMAAAASSS! Time to escape for a while by The77Club in Southern England
EventX-Mas Day in X-mouth! ?????? by MrAndMrsCh in South West England
EventChristmas Day on Dartmoor 2023 by Pebbles&Co in South West England
EventSeasons Greetings Meeting 2 by Emmer281 in South Wales
EventMerry Christmas 2023 by auntymajulie in South West England
EventFarnborough Christmas Flash Mob by ReggieCat in Southern England
EventMeet Shiggaddi on Christmas Day Morning by Shiggaddi in South West England
Tuesday 26th December 2023
EventBoxing Day Bah Humbug ???? by Bah Humbugs in East Midlands
EventBoxing day blow out 5 by the maverics in Eastern England
Thursday 28th December 2023
EventWorthing Ice Skating Event #6 by Wizbit100 in South East England
Friday 29th December 2023
Event1000000km Caching Milestone by goldpot in London
CITO EventDecember's Dismissing Discomfort Deftly by Monski in Southern England
Saturday 30th December 2023
EventGlühwein on a Crag 5 by fm1906 & eavesclan in Yorkshire
Sunday 31st December 2023
Mega EventUnd 11 Uhr an der Pappel wie immer an Silvester! by Bergfex2000 in Germany
Event123123 by The Amasons in East Midlands
EventLondon Special Equipment Event - Goggles by goldpot in London
EventHogmanay on Gowan Hill (Stirling) by FionaCH in Northern Scotland
EventMeet the Scots on Hogmanay 2023 by kathrynandsandra in Yorkshire
EventNew Years Eve Event - (Bodmin Beacon) by ynysva in South West England
EventGoodbye 2023!!! by Daddycool80 in South West England
EventMeet & Greet the Norwegians @ New Year’s Eve ???? by Dansken95 in London
EventThe Fool On The Hill by Spooney15 in Southern England
Event9 Usual Suspects Say Goodbye 2023 by 9 Usual Suspects in North Wales
Monday 1st January 2024
EventPastries at the Peace Pagoda #6 by Pesh in Southern England
EventNYD in Salisbury by Wandering Druid in Southern England
EventHello 2024 by Dabtec in Southern England
EventHello 2024! by MrAndMrsCh in South West England
EventNew Years Day in Prison 2024 by melin boy in South Wales
EventRocha’s New Year “Boat Barking Bonanza” by Roan65 & Rocha in East Midlands
Wednesday 3rd January 2024
EventTUTANKHAMUN 100 - Opening of the Inner Shrines by goldpot in London
Thursday 4th January 2024
Event?? mattd2k's BIG New Year Quiz Night ?? by SouthEastMega2024 in South East England
Saturday 6th January 2024
Mega Event3 Königsgrillen by lavette96 in Germany
Event??????Stripping in the woods - again!?????? by The Creepy Crawlies in London
CITO EventChurch Cito 001...St. Mary's Church by GloveGirl in South West England
EventGeo Help Techniques and Puzzle Hints # 18 by martletsman in South East England
Sunday 7th January 2024
CITO EventGraffham Nature Reserve CITO XI by Flookfinders in South East England
Wednesday 10th January 2024
Event159 - Hampshire Monthly Mid-Week Meet by GracesGold in Southern England
EventSELBAC # 164 Happy New Year by The Creepy Crawlies in London
Saturday 13th January 2024
CITO Eventhedgepiglet's New year Rhodo removal by hedgepiglet in London
EventSideTracked - Piccadilly Circus by trollers in London
EventNew Year’s Resolution Event 2024 by Donnacha in Dublin
Sunday 14th January 2024
EventCroeso i 2024 by The Cachekeepers in South Wales
Event?????An Afternoon of Board Games ????? by GracesGold in Southern England
EventAppleorch's South Somerset Winter Warmer #8 by Stoke Bunnies in South West England
Tuesday 16th January 2024
Event50 Cachers Coffee Morning by GloveGirl in South West England
Wednesday 17th January 2024
EventKT135 - Swan Inn To Sandbach by ictosh clan in North West England
Saturday 27th January 2024
EventHEATH END PUZZLE CLUB by misty's muskateers in Southern England
Sunday 4th February 2024
Mega EventS*W*A*G's Yuma Mega #20 by S*W*A*G in United States
Tuesday 6th February 2024
CITO EventTree Guard Collecting at Shocott Spring by Wendyk1102 and FoMV Ranger Team in Eastern England
Saturday 10th February 2024
CITO EventHedgepiglet's Hedgerow and Scrub Management (Feb) by hedgepiglet in London
Friday 16th February 2024
EventGermany meets London by F_i_r_e in London
Thursday 29th February 2024
Mega EventThe Great Leap Forward by GeocachingSA in Australia
Mega EventTreffen sich mehrere... am 29.02.2024 by Khamssin in Germany
Saturday 2nd March 2024
Mega EventBAMARAMA 2024 by BAMARAMAKREWE in United States
Saturday 16th March 2024
Mega Event22nd Annual Texas Challenge & Geocaching Festival by TXGA in United States
Saturday 30th March 2024
Mega EventCapital GeoBash by Oz Mega Committee in Australia
Saturday 6th April 2024
Mega EventMOGA 2024 Cosmic Convergence by Central Ohio Geocachers (COG) in United States
Saturday 20th April 2024
Mega EventKacerstvo na zámku Veltrusy by eMichalek + phylie & GeoVeltrusy team in Czechia
Saturday 4th May 2024
Mega EventSpring Fling III: May the Fling Be With You! by SoCalSpringFling in United States
Saturday 11th May 2024
Mega EventLes Geolympiques by Géofranciliens in France
Saturday 18th May 2024
Mega EventASP Geobash XVII by ASPGeoBashCommittee in United States
Saturday 25th May 2024
Mega EventGeoWoodstock XX by GeoWoodstock XX Flagstaff in United States
Mega EventVikingevent 2024 by OdinsGeoRavner in Norway
Saturday 1st June 2024
Mega EventAu Front by GéHautsCaching in France
Mega EventAuf eine Limo by Geoheimnisträger in Germany
Mega EventWonderful Sintra by GOPORTUGAL in Portugal
Saturday 8th June 2024
Mega EventWaldviertel Geschichte und Geschichten ?????? by GeoW4 in Austria
Saturday 15th June 2024
Mega Event2024 Metro Gathering - Celebrating 10 years by Metro Mega in United States
Mega EventVerrückte Geolausitz 2 by opted-out user in Germany
Saturday 22nd June 2024
Mega Event5 Jahre Unser schönes Niedersachsen by lavette96 in Germany
Saturday 29th June 2024
Mega EventSchool in nature - 10 years by Simon Cooper in Slovakia
Saturday 6th July 2024
Mega EventEvent am See 2024 / Event at the Lake 2024 by geocachingmagazin in Germany
Mega EventCacheFest Oklahoma by cachefest in United States
Mega EventGeocaching Party 2024 by GeoMalopolska in Poland
Saturday 13th July 2024
Mega EventPiste Iin päällä by Pohjois-Suomen Geokätköilijät ry in Finland
Saturday 27th July 2024
Mega EventMidwest Geobash 2024 - 20th Year! by Midwest Geobash in United States
Saturday 3rd August 2024
Mega EventSouth East UK Mega 2024 by South East Mega 2024 Team in South East England
Saturday 10th August 2024
Mega EventLesen - Leihen - Loggen by BiboDresden in Germany
Mega EventLove Love... Ourém by 100espinhos in Portugal
Mega EventWest Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2024 by WBA Chamber in United States
Saturday 17th August 2024
Mega Event2024 Discover L&A County Geocaching Event by LennoxAndAddington in Canada
Mega EventGeoSlovácko 2024 by GeoSlovácko Team in Czechia
Saturday 31st August 2024
Mega EventAstro-Budejovice / Astro-Budweis by cas100geo in Czechia
Saturday 28th September 2024
Mega EventPARDUBICE 2024 - KUNETICKÁ HORA by HoudiniX TEAM PARDUBICE 2024 in Czechia
Saturday 5th October 2024
Mega EventKGB 3 by KempenseGeoBuddies in Belgium
Saturday 12th October 2024
Mega EventRico's 10th Anniversary by (aka Rico Reviewer) in Czechia
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