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Finding Your First Geocache

To get started with Geocaching, you may wish to download our helpful What is Geocaching? leaflet. Continue reading for helpful hints and advice on how to find your first geocache.

While there are several geocache listing websites and apps, is the biggest and will therefore be used in the examples below. To discover other geocache listing sites visit our Geocache Listing Websites page.

Step 1: Plan

If you are using the Geocaching app, when you first start the icons on the map (see image below) will be either green or grey. The green ones are available to be found as a free member; these are known as Traditional caches, and will give you a taste of the game.

Grey icons will be available when you are ready to upgrade to a premium account or during special Geocaching promotions, don't worry about them for now. Focus on your green Traditional caches.

Geocaching App Map

Step 2: Hunt

Geocaches are often camouflaged or hidden out of view, so you might have to look for locations around you where a small container could be hiding.

This video might give you some help too about searching for your first geocache.

Geocache Examples

Geocaches can vary greatly in size and appearance. Some can be very easy to find - others can be quite sneaky and require a bit more detailed search! You could find anything from large plastic containers similar to lunch boxes down to small old photo film canisters. There are also more difficult ones like a fake rock with a secret compartment or a small magnetic tube smaller than a pen lid. What did you find?

Step 3: Sign

Signing the Log

Geocaching is great fun, so share it with your friends and family. Ask them to join you on your next adventure.

Step 4: Log

found You found it.

Some geocaches contain swaps or trinkets. You don't have to swap anything, but if you take something, you should leave something of equal or greater value, this keeps the game fun for the next visitors.

Some geocaches might contain a trackable item. More information on trackables can be found on our FAQ page: What are Travel Bugs®/Geocoins/Trackables?.

When you send your log on the app or website, the CO will receive an email of your log, so be kind and be informative, tell your story. A great log should be several sentences and will make the CO feel great about their geocache.

DNF  You didn't find it.

maintenance You found a broken geocache.

Keep reading to find out what equipment you should take on your geocaching adventures… Geocaching Equipment right

The GAGB promote a voluntary code for geocachers, which you can read here: Geocachers' Code of Conduct.

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