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GAGB Cache Creation Competition 2021

Are you bored at home? Do you fancy designing or building a cool cache? The GAGB are running a competition to find the most creative or unusual cache in the UK!

All GAGB members are encouraged to submit an entry showcasing a cache design or the final product itself. You can submit up to two entries between 12 March and 1 July 2021.

GAGB Cache Creation Competition

There are two categories - Design and Build, and there will be a winner and a runner-up for each one. All remaining entrants will be entered into a prize draw. All entries will be published in our Seeker e-magazine, which is read by hundreds of geocachers.

See below for details about the two Categories, What we're Looking forand How to Enter. Please ensure you read the Rules and further Terms and Conditions provided.

We hope that this competition will encourage everyone to place more good-quality geocaches.


There are two categories:

Category 1: Design

Have you got a great idea for an unusual cache, but lack the resources to make it into a reality? If so, this is the category for you - let your creative juices flow, and envision a show-stopping cache that would earn dozens of favourite points in the real world!

For this category, you will need to submit a drawing, plan, or vivid description of your cache design and how you would build it if you were able to do so.

Category 2: Build

Are you able to bring your idea to life using the tools and resources at your disposal? Then why not build your cache to impress us all - get stuck in whilst you're bored at home. You could even hide it for real once it's finished, to put a smile on the faces of geocachers for years to come.

For this category, simply send us a high-resolution photo of your cache (ideally from multiple angles!).

What are we Looking for?

For both categories, the answer is ANYTHING that's unusual or creative! From disguised containers, to gadget caches, 3D containers, recycled caches, and everything in between - the possibilities are endless! See the Rules and Terms and Conditions below for more information.

We want everyone of all levels of ability to take part.

All of the entries will be judged anonymously by the GAGB Committee, and the winners will be announced (and included) in the autumn issue of Seeker.

How to Enter?

Submit everything as an attachment to using the subject line "GAGB Cache Creation Competition". Please include the following information in your email:

We would be grateful if you could name the file before uploading it as an attachment e.g. "Cache Creation Category 1: Design" or "Cache Creation Category 2: Build".

If you encounter any issues, or require assistance submitting your entry, email and a GAGB committee member will help you out as soon as possible to ensure that your cache creation is entered into the competition.


First Place Prize for Category 1 (Design):
Runner-up Prize for Category 1 (Design):
First Place Prize for Category 2 (Build):
Runner-up Prize for Category 2 (Build):

The remaining entrants will be entered into a prize draw for £5 GAGB store credit.


  1. Entries can be submitted to the GAGB between 00:00 on 12 March 2021 to 23:59 on 1 July 2021.
  2. This competition is only open to members of the GAGB. Membership is free. You can check if you're a member here and sign up here if you are not.
  3. Any GAGB member can enter the competition, regardless of where they live.
  4. Up to two designs/caches can be submitted per geocaching account, and these can be in the same category or different categories.
  5. You can only submit your own design(s)/cache(s) - checks will be performed by the GAGB committee to ensure that this is the case.
  6. Submissions do not have to be new designs/caches - therefore, you can use a design/cache that is (or was) hidden for others to find, or one that was already in the works prior to the launch of this competition. However, please note that brand new designs/caches are preferred, although these won't necessarily put you at an advantage.
  7. You cannot submit a design/cache that is, or was, being sold by anyone (including, but not limited to, containers sold by geocaching online stores).
  8. If you are entering category 1 (Design One), your design must be something that could be built by someone with the right tools and resources.
  9. Please ensure that the content of the cache design/container is family friendly, and not inappropriate in any way.
  10. Once you have submitted your design(s)/cache(s), do not share it with anyone or post it online.
  11. You must be a GAGB member by 23:59 on 1 July 2021 for your entry to be valid. This means that you can sign up after submitting your entries.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each member can win no more than one prize.
  2. If any of the rules are breached, the GAGB committee will take action and will always have the final say. The committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry that does not comply with the rules.
  3. The submitter remains solely responsible for all content in the design/cache.
  4. The submitter, not the GAGB, will be held accountable for any possible complaints based on their decisions.
  5. Submitters accept all liability for use of copyrighted material. All designs remain the property of the designer and the GAGB will not claim ownership of any designs. Designs/caches will always be credited.
  6. You give the GAGB the right to use the submitted photos of your design(s)/cache(s) in Seeker, on our website, social media channels or elsewhere at any point in time. This is irrespective of your placing in the competition.
  7. All submissions will be judged anonymously by the GAGB Committee in order to determine the winners. Judges' decisions are final.
  8. Those holding office on the 2021 GAGB Executive Committee (elected in November 2020) cannot win any prizes in this competition, but are free to enter if they wish.
  9. Founders, Supporter Members, GAGB friends and past GAGB Executive Committee members (2003-2020) are permitted and encouraged to submit designs/caches as part of the competition and they may win a prize.
  10. By submitting a design/cache, you fully agree to these terms and conditions and agree to follow the rules of the competition.


* Please note that prizes are subject to change, although this is not anticipated