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First 50 Heroes

The Coalville Heroes Series celebrates the first fifty volunteers from the Coalville, Leicestershire area to take part in the Great War of 1914-18. Most enrolled in August 1914 and left for training on October 30 th 1914. They trained at High Tor in Charnwood and Loughborough, then traveled to Southampton to take the steamer to France. Of the 50 volunteer soldiers, 22 returned.

Each geocache commemorates a real volunteer and describes his activities during the Great War from the Coalville Times article and includes a picture of the soldier created by local groups.

Henry Walker

Henry (Harry) Walker

George Underwood

George William Underwood

Cache No Name GC Code Cache Owner
1 George I Andrews GC7TYA7 Grizzly Pair
2 Major Baker GC7ZNKN TheDoctor12
3 Walter Saddington Baker GC802FM Moira Crackers
4 William Baker GC814DK jez130
5 James Bancroft GC806CR Marchiondi
6 Frederick Bartlam
7 Cecil Thomas Beadman GC7ZE68 StuartHowe11
8 George Harry Bennett GC7ZPK7 First50
9 John George Bennett GC7ZR2E Longwhatton34
10 Harold Groves Blackham GC814A9 manxrose
11 Edgar Ewart Boot GC80J8K chillpad
12 Ernest Samuel Boot (Sam) GC7ZPJ5 First50
13 Albert Cecil Bradshaw GC7ZH0A ambly99
14 Frederick Briers GC810W5 TangoA&J
15 Thomas Lord Catlow GC8021Y richt2000
16 Charles Cavendish GC8115A isboa_bruno
17 Arthur Congrave GC7ZH1A ambly99
18 Joseph William Cowley (Bill) GC801ZY Micka62580
19 Henry Cramp GC7ZPM7 First50
20 Charles Dedman GC80QRP The Sparrow Clan
21 Jabez Emmerson GC7ZPXZ First50
22 William Henry Emmerson GC7Z60Y First50
23 Francis Glynn GC80ZM4 Barnicoats
24 Walter Gray GC8025A Zoidrums
25 Isaac Hall GC806FX Zoidrums
26 James Horace Hall GC7ZR8V Zoidrums
27 Walter Handford
28 Isaac Harper GC802AM RootingReuben
29 John W Harper GC80TGM clYk
30 Frederick Wilfred Hart GC80DDN titan470
31 Charles Hatter GC7ZX2T smetten for GAGB
32 Arthur William Hodgetts (Dennis) GC8B03T julietlimadelta
33 Cecil Hurley GC801X1 Moira Crackers
34 John Lowe GC81461 TheWildWestons
35 William Massey GC7ZXEF Sharant
36 William Newbold GC814QT rr300tdi
37 Walter Pettitt GC7ZE85 Badcats
38 Wilfred Robinson GC802GE Moira Crackers
39 Thomas Robson GC7ZPYB First50
40 Clifford Ernest Scott GC80P8R Bazhornet
41 John Summers GC807EV prodhomme
42 Sidney Summers GC807GE prodhomme
43 George William Underwood GC7ZX95 StuartHowe11
44 Lawrence Usherwood GC80KHT rr300tdi
45 Thomas Handley Usherwood GC80AN4 PATARI
46 Arthur Walker GC7ZPYT First50
47 Henry Walker (Harry) GC7ZPZD First50
48 Frederick Williamson GC817GK First50
49 John William Williamson (Jack) GC7ZPY0 Marchiondi
50 Everard Victor Woolley GC80KV9 gxkls and Mat Smith
Charles Hatter

Charles Hatter

George Harry Bennett

George Harry Bennett