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Useful Links to Solve Geocaching Puzzles

There are several types of mystery geocaches, many of which you need to solve at home before you venture out to find the geocache. This is a useful list of websites to help you solve those puzzles.

Facebook Icon Geocaching Puzzle Help - A FB group for cachers around the world to ask for puzzle help.
Facebook Icon Solving Geocaching Puzzles - A FB group for cachers around the world to ask for puzzle help.
Puzzle Icon Geocaching Puzzle of the Day - a collection of puzzles to solve daily.
GC Puzzle Book - a downloadable pdf with lots of puzzle solvers and alphabets.
How to Puzzle Cache - a brilliant book full of lessons, tips, tricks and hints for solving geocache puzzles.
Parmstro's Geocaching Puzzle Pages - several tools and hints to solve geocaching puzzles along with useful links.
Geocaching Toolbox - all geocaching tools a geocacher needs in one box!
Cipher Types
Practical Cryptography - information on how to identify unknown ciphers.
CrypTool Online - a variety of ciphers, coding methods, and analysis tools are introduced together with illustrated examples.
Cipher Tools - several tools to solve ciphers.
Cipher Types - a comprehensive list of several different ciphers.
Secret Code Breaker - several downloadable tools.
DCode - tools, ciphers, mathematics, communication systems, data processing and more!
Purple Hell - several tools to solve ciphers. The website is now archived but a backup remains.
The Black Chamber - several tools to solve ciphers.
Braingle - codes, ciphers, encryption and cryptography.
Solve Ciphers
Crytocrack - a cipher solving program for Windows.
Quipqiup - cryptogram solver.
Find Cipher Type - an archived site to help you to identify the cipher type.
Ackgame - identify the cipher including letter counts, index of coincidence etc.
Altamatic - cryptography: substitution and transposition ciphers, morse, numeric codes, digital hashes, and more!
ROT Encoder/Decoder - ROT13 is a simple encryption cipher that uses in its hints but this will decipher all ROT transformations.
Transposition Cipher Solver - help decrypt transposition ciphers. - create and solve cryptarithms and alphametics.
My Geocaching Profile - several tools, Caesar & Vigenère cipher codebreakers and TinEye reverse image lookup.
Vigenère Cipher - a program that allows you to encrypt and decrypt messages and files. It can also break the cipher - decode a ciphertext without the key.
Enigma Decoder - decode Nazi secrets.
Enigma Simulation - a more advanced enigma decoder.
Spam Mimic - encodes or decodes a message within a spam message.
Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems & languages.
Google Translate - translate any language.
Anagram Solver - solves any anagram!
Crossword Puzzles - an online crossword puzzle solver.
Alphametic Applet - an alphametic is an arithmetic puzzle in which letters stand for digits.
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Binary Translator - encodes and decodes ASCII and ANSI text as well as binary, hexadecimal etc.
ASCII to Hex - encodes or decodes several number bases to text (binary, hex, decimal, octal, ROT13 & ASCII).
Unit Converter - lots of different number unit converters (binary, hex, distances, weights, volume, areas, force, clothing etc).
Number Converter - lots of different number converters (distances, weights, volume, areas etc).
Planet Calc - several tools, cryptography, convertors, maths, geometry plus much more.
Id-i-om - search irrational numbers including pi, e, square root of 2 and phi.
Number World - online calculators, prime numbers, fibonacci numbers, equation solver etc.
Integer Sequences - an on-line encyclopedia of integer sequences (OEIS®).
Date Converter - Convert a date from any calendar (Gregorian, Julian, Mayan etc).
Numbers - numbers in over 5000 languages.
Sudoku Solver - enter the numbers of the puzzle you want to solve in the grid.
KenKen Puzzle Solver - a suduko like puzzle.
Kakuro Puzzle Solver - a logic puzzle refferred to as a mathematical crossword.
Magic Eye Solver - upload magic eye/stereograms to decipher.
TinEye - a reverse image search.
ImgOps - a reverse image search with metadata information and links to other image operations.
Jeffrey's Image Metadata Viewer - examine the metadata of any image.
Exif Tool - read, write and edit metadata information.
GIF Explode Tool - extract a single frame image from an animated GIFs.
Trojan - hides data inside pictures with or without a key.
Hide Files in a Picture - hides a file in an image.
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Geographic Coordinate Conversion - a wikipedia page that explains the different types of geographic coordinate systems.
Nearby - a brilliant coordinate converter between different formats.
Grid Reference Finder - search by post code, what3words, coordinates and OS grid reference and show on several different maps.
GPS Coordinate Converter - convert GPS coordinates and view them on maps.
GPS Visualizer - calculate answers to some common geographic questions, and draw maps from simple coordinates.
Geographic Midpoint Calculator - finds the exact point that lies halfway between two or more places.
Integral Calculator - solve maths equations.
FizzyCalc (Windows) - simple conversion of coordinates to various formats.
Morse Code Translator - decrypt/encrypt morse code to text from an audio file or text.
Tap Code Translator - decrypt/encrypt tap code to text, used by prisoners in jail.
Online Barcode Decoder - decode several variaties of barcodes like linear, QRcode, datamatrix, pdf417 and azteccode from an image, text or xml.
Hyper Physics - lots of physics with calculators: mechanics, electricity, magnetism, heat, quantum, sound, hearing, light, relativity, etc.
W3schools - web page building tutorials, and lists of coding for characters and colours used in HTML.
Nattyware: Pixie - an application to find the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that colour.
RGB to HSB Calculator - transform RGB colour values to HSB values.

If you haven't done so already, you might want to check out our tips on Solving Geocaching Puzzles right

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