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GAGB Profile Award Badges

It's never been easier to display your GAGB award badges on your profile! - Simply copy the code and paste your award badge into your profile page!


There are two GAGB CITO awards each year: CITO Host (hosting a GAGB CITO) and CITO Attended (attending a GAGB CITO).
The the hosts and attendees of a GAGB CITO can display the ‘GAGB CITO’ badge on their profile and cache logs.

GAGB Swag Weekend Award

There is a GAGB SWAG Weekend award each year.
If you helped to add more swag to a geocache during our ‘GAGB SWAG Weekend’ and shared to our GAGB social media sites you have earned a badge on your profile and cache logs.

Seeker Writer Awards

There are three levels of Seeker writer awards: bronze (one article published), silver (three articles published) and gold (five articles published).
The count begins from Issue 39.

GAGB Featured Series

We regularly feature a geocaching series in our monthly newsletters and social media.
The the cache owners of a GAGB Featured series can display the ‘GAGB Featured Series’ badge on their profile and cache pages.

Story Competition Winners 2020

Our GAGB Story Competion was held in 2020.
The winners can display the ‘Story Competition’ winning badge on their profile. The winners can be found here.

Racing Hounds Trackable Race Winners 2019

Our ‘Racing Hounds’ trackable race began in January 2019 for 1 year. Between them, 76 tags travelled almost 500,000 kilometres, visiting 31 countries across 5 continents.
The winners can display the ‘Racing Hounds’ winning badge on their profile. The winners can be found here.

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