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Geocaches Types

Physical Geocaches

Geocaches where you need to find an actual container.

traditional Traditional Cache - a geocache container is found at the coordinates posted on the website.
multi Multi Cache - a geocache which involves two or more stages. The stages will all be listed along with info or numbers you need to identify. This will all lead you to a final location where you will find the geocache.
unknown Mystery/Puzzle Cache - a puzzle has to be worked out either at home or in the field in order to determine the final coordinates for the physical geocache - check out this page for some tips on how to solve puzzle caches. Challenge geocaches are also listed as this type, Challenge caches are at the posted coordinates but a challenge has to be completed before claiming it as a find.
letterbox Letterbox Hybrid (only on - Letterboxes can be either Traditional, Multi or Mystery geocaches, except they also contain a stamp for letterbox finders to record their visit. Letterboxing is a hobby that originated in Dartmoor.
wherigo Wherigo Cache (only on - for more info see - these geocaches are game based where you follow a story or complete tasks in the Wherigo app. Completion of the game will reveal or take you to the geocache. A Wherigo-compatible GPS device or smart phone is required. Check out this article by *geocass* in Seeker 18 to find out more.
moving Moving Cache (only on - a Traditional Cache that moves after each visit. Each finder must hide the geocache somewhere new after finding it and publish its new coordinates.

Virtual Geocaches

These geocaches are about a location or information and do not have a physical container to find.

virtual Virtual Cache - a location to visit and usually a question to answer to prove your visit to the location. On, usually the geocache owner must be emailed with the answers to the question or task set on the geocache description, whilst on this answer can be entered as a Password to claim the find.
earth EarthCache (only on - similar to a Virtual Cache, in which the geocacher learns about a geological feature. Logging requirements usually include answering questions surrounding this geological feature. Again answers should be emailed to the EarthCache owner in order to claim the find. Find out more at The Geological Society of America and in our Seeker article 'EarthCaches: the Appliance of Science' by Terry Marsh.
webcam Webcam Cache - a webcam is found at the published coordinates; its image can be accessed online. You must grab a screenshot on your smartphone, of you in the webcam image and post it with your log in order to claim a find.
cyber Cyber Cache (only on - a certain challenge outlined on the geocache page must be fulfilled with a picture posted to claim the find.
labs Lab Cache (only on - a separate app where an Adventure Lab leads you around a collection of locations where you will be asked questions. Each question correctly answered will count as a geocache find.

Event Geocaches

Many geocachers are social folk, so it's convenient that attending a caching event also counts as a find. They are a great way to meet other geocachers and to find out more about the game. There are different types depending on how many people attend.

event Event Cache - an event at a specific location with a specific time and date associated with it. Open to all to attend, with the shortest event lasting 30 minutes. These events have less than 500 attendees.
Check out our list of upcoming events. Stanthews explains the benefits of events and meeting other geocachers in our Seeker 13 article 'An Eventful Occasion'.
mega Mega Event Cache (only on - an Event Cache with more than 500 attendees. Check out our Upcoming UK Mega Events page to find out when the next one is. If you're interested, we also have a list of previous Mega events.
giga Giga Event Cache (only on - an Event Cache with at least 5000 attendees. Upcoming Giga events are included in our events list, regardless of whether they will take place in the UK or abroad.
CITO CITO Event Cache (only on - a 'Cache In Trash Out' event, in which geocachers gather to help improve or clean the environment. See our CITO page for lots more information.
maze GPS Adventure Maze (only on - a GPS Maze is an exhibition which explains satellite navigation, GPS technology and, of course, geocaching. The maze consists of information panels and interactive displays which demonstrate different types of hides, puzzle solving as well as example of GPS units, geocoins and much, much more! Find out more in our GPS Maze Seeker Article.
Community Celebration Community Celebration Event Cache (only on - a special type of Event Cache. These events can only be held by geocachers every ten years to mark geocaching's anniversaries. As geocaching began in 2000, these events have only been held in 2010 and 2020. However, due to COVID-19, you will be able to attend these events until December 31st 2021. After that, the next Community Celebration Events will be in 2030.

Rare Geocaches

Some geocache types are less common, with only a few available to find worldwide.

ape Project A.P.E. Cache (only on - in 2001, fourteen geocaches were placed worldwide to support the Planet of the Apes movie. Now just two remain.
locationless Locationless Cache (only on & - instead of finding a container, you need to locate a specific object and log its coordinates. On, there are two Locationless caches that you could log as part of geocaching's 20th anniversary celebrations... be sure to find Signal the Frog® – Locationless in 2020 (GC8FR0G) or Let's improve the outdoors – Locationless Cache (GC8NEAT) by 31st December 2021! You can find many more Locationless caches on
podcast Podcast Cache (only on - you can find the geocache by following directions in an audio MP3 file.

Geocache Sizes

Geocaches come in a range of shapes and sizes. To help when you are searching knowing the size could narrow down the possible locations the geocache could be hiding.

Geocache Sizes
micro Micro - the smallest geocache size and typically contain just a log sheet. Examples are a 35mm film pot or a magnetic nano geocache.
small Small - typically a small tupperware box, no larger than 1 litre in size. It will hold a log book and some small items (trackables or swaps).
regular Regular - a geocache larger than 1 litre in size. Typically larger tupperware boxes, or ammo cans. Best for swaps and trackables.
large Large - a huge geocache larger than an ammo can and often filled with swag items.
other Other - often unique geocaches, or sneaky, devious containers e.g. fake snail shell with a geocache inside.
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