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Thread: Different coardinates?

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    andy Guest


    HI all,

    New to Geo-caching and have a quick question. On a cache page the longitude and latitude coardinates are at the top of that page. So when i download the LOC waypoint files why are the coardinates different than the other previous ones? <_<

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    It could be that whatever you&#39;re using to view the .loc file is set to a different format for the co-ordinates.

    Geocaching uses the format DD MM.mmm, which is degrees and decimal minutes, e.g. N 50 45.250 W 001 48.500

    Another common format is DD MM SS, which is degrees minutes and seconds. In this format the above co-ords would show as N 50 45 15 W 001 48 30.

    If that&#39;s the problem, you need to change to DD MM.mmm to see the co-ords the way cache pages display them.
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    andy Guest


    Thanks Bill D,

    the penny has finally dropped


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