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321 cachers

FC West Midlands

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Georgina Sharp
Recreation Ranger 813826


Dave of The Wombles

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Permission obtained for Forestry Commission land in the FC West Midlands region. Prior approval must be obtained although the presumption is that subject to normal forestry operations, permission will usually be granted.

The area covered is Shropshire, Herefordshire and North Herefordshire including Wyre Forest, Cannock Chase,and Mortimer Forest near Ludlow.

Some of the FC land is listed on their website: Forestry England - search-forests

but there are many smaller woods not listed on the website, for example there are 52 woods in Shropshire & North Herefordshire alone.


The following guidelines are published in draft form in order to ensure that the activity can progress in harmony with the many other interests and legal constraints involved in the forest.

* Ensure the cache container is clearly marked, stating that the content is harmless and giving the placer's e-mail address or other contact method. Only items that would be deemed safe and acceptable for an unaccompanied child to find should be placed in the cache.

* No cache may be placed in such a way as to risk damage or disturbance to any Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or Scheduled Ancient Monument (SAM). Protect our heritage.

* No items of food or drink of any kind should be placed in the cache.

* No lighters, matches or flammable objects should be placed in the cache.

* Caches must not be buried, and holes must not be dug in order to place a cache.

* Caches must not be hidden in animal holes or runs.

* Fences & walls should never be damaged when placing or seeking a cache, and should be crossed by a gate or stile.

* Before placing a cache, the Local Area Manager (or Recreation Ranger) must be contacted to ensure that the management of the site does not compromise the cache.

* Maintenance of the cache is the responsibility of the placer.

* When leaving the cache site, after finding or hiding a cache, there must be no visual sign of disturbance.

* All Forestry Commission Byelaws must be obeyed.

* While there is open access through most of the forest on foot, cycle or horse, no vehicle access is permitted off the public highway. Always park sensibly, avoiding blocking forest entrances, and remembering that many forest roads are used by large articulated lorries who require significant space to manouver.

* Forestry Operations can be dangerous, and caches should be temporarily closed on request where operations will create a hazard to cachers. The local area manager / recreation ranger will advise on the period of closure, and potential alternative cache locations if appropriate. All warning signs must be obeyed.

Application Process

Send the Ordnance Survey grid reference of the proposed cache location, with any information to support your application to

Area Covered

England/Herefordshire. England/Shropshire. England/Staffordshire.

Last Modified

23rd Apr 2021.


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