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300 cachers

Warwickshire County Council

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Paula Cheesman
Country Parks Manager
Country Parks
Sustainable Communities
Warwickshire County Council
Tel: 01827 872660 (internal 57222)
Minicom: 01926 412277


Dave Edwards (The Wombles)

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This mail from Warwickshire summarises the agreement. Note that this is for ONE cache at each park, contact in advance to Sally Silk as below with a map or other detailed location details.


I am happy to give permission for a cache to be located at each of our country parks, provided your guidelines are adhered to and that I am notified, in advance, of the location of the cache being "hidden". In that way, if there are any probelms with the chosen spot, we can agree somewhere else beforehand.

I would expect that the contents are monitored to ensure nothing untoward is hidden and it probably goes without saying that we would not want any drugs or anything sharp/dangerous put into the caches.

Sally Silk
Country Parks Visitor Manager
Countryside Recreation
Tel: 01827 872660; Fax: 01827 875161

Visit our website at for more information about country parks and public rights of way in Warwickshire.

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Last Modified

3rd Mar 2014.


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