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FC Delamere Forest

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FC Delamere Forest
Forestry Manager, Richard Topley
01606 324909


mo and mike

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The Forestry Commission Land at Delamere Forest and Primrose Woods near Kelsall are working forests with a 5 year rotational maintenance programme, felling, thinning and planting trees.

Having had a meeting with Richard Topley, Forestry manager, based at Delamere Forest recently, I have established that caches can be place within the above forests as long as geocachers adhere to the following conditions:
- Caches can only be placed on freehold land, where you have full access rights to roam on foot.
- Caches must not be placed on clear fell sites, classified as areas of trees up to the age of 8 years old. These are important sites for ground nesting birds such a Woodlarks and Nightjars.
- Caches must not be placed on or near Mountain bike trails/areas. These areas are to the far West of Delamere Forest, or would require participants to use the aforementioned to access caches.
- Caches cannot be placed near Linmere Moss, Black Lake, Go Ape area or where such a cache would require participants to use the aforementioned to access caches.
- Caches should preferably be placed near (no more that 6 feet away from) established footpaths because the whole forest area away from footpaths have boggy and wet areas, some of which are unstable, waterlogged and dangerous.

The maps indicate no go areas for geocaches.

Application Process

Once you have identified your intended location, you should contact the Forestry Manager, Richard Topley, on 01606 324909, with the grid reference and your personal contact details. The personal details are required in case forestry workers need to move or remove caches due to maintenance work. There are no charges, nor any licence requirements.

Richard will contact you to confirm that the location is permitted. Following verbal permission you are then able to place your geocache.

The Forestry Commission, Richard Topley and all staff want to encourage geocaches, with the end result of attracting more people to use the forests. They will not refuse caches without good reason.

If placed as per the conditions everybody will be happy.

Area Covered


Last Modified

15th Oct 2014.


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