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Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust

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Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust,
The Lodge,
1 Armstrong Road,
Tel: 01865 775476
Fax: 01865 711301


The Wombles

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BBOWT owns and manages a number of wildlife reserves in Berkshire Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

GAGB wishes to enable its members to place caches on certain of these reserves with the agreement of BBOWT.

THIS AGREEMENT was made the 1st day of January 2013 between:


BBOWT agrees to consider applications to place caches on its nature reserves subject to the following conditions:

No cache should be placed without the prior written agreement of BBOWT. Any member of GAGB wishing to place a cache on a BBOWT site should contact
BBOWT will consider the request on a case by case basis in the context of the suitability of the site for a geocache and will respond to the member in question. Details of the proposed location should be sent to the offices of BBOWT by the member using the form which will be provided on request by BBOWT. Applications will be agreed or refused by the reserve manager responsible for that site.
GAGB will be responsible for ensuring that correct details are placed on the listing website
BBOWT will review placed caches on an annual basis and reserve the right to remove caches at any time. If individual caches are removed, GAGB must publicise the fact that these are no longer in place by having a section on its website that states which caches have been removed with the appropriate date.
People placing caches or seeking them must observe any access restrictions that apply to visitors to our nature reserves. Please do not climb any locked gates or fences. If visiting with a dog, check the site policy on dogs first. On most reserves dogs are welcome if walked on a lead, but on some reserves dogs are not allowed.
The cache container should be clearly marked, stating that the content is harmless and giving the placers email address or other contact method. Only items that would be deemed safe and acceptable for an unaccompanied child to find should be placed in the cache.
No items of food or drink should be placed in the cache.
Caches must not:

Maintenance of the cache is the responsibility of the placer.
Other restrictions may be placed by the reserve manager if considered appropriate.

Period of Agreement:
This Agreement shall be deemed to have commenced in January 2013 and will continue for an indefinite period with a retained right to terminate this agreement at three months notice.

Details of the land covered by Berks Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust reserves can be found in this link: BBONT website.

A map overlay (.kml) showing showing the areas covered can be downloaded here.

The map overlays can be downloaded and opened in Google Earth which is a free download for a PC and also as apps for Apple and Android. (N.B. These maps do not form part of any legal representation of land ownership and are created simply as a guide to areas for the purposes of placing a geocache container or marking an area where these are not permitted).

Agreement File:

The following file is attached to this agreement: Bucks-Berks-Oxon-Wildlife-Trust.kml

Area Covered

England/Berkshire. England/Buckinghamshire. England/Oxfordshire.

Last Modified

22nd Mar 2021.


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