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Ministry of Defence (MoD) - Leased Land

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Ministry of Defence
Building 97a
Land Warfare Centre
Wiltshire BA12 0DJ



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The Ministry of Defence have said caching on land they DO NOT own but lease for military use is permitted (subject to any other landowner permission).

These are the areas covered by this guideline:
- Merrivale and Okehampton ranges - Dartmoor.

Such land is likely to be used for training which may include live firing. Caches in these areas must have the following warning on the cache page:
Please Note: This is a Military Training Area on which live firing and other pyrotechnics may be used. The area is generally open public access. One of the safety rules for public access is:- Do not, (and ensure that children do not) approach, touch or pick up any metal objects lying on the ground. Please obey all bylaws and locally posted information concerning times when the area may be closed. These may be physical barriers, marker posts, flags, lights or manned control posts.
To have the text as shown in bold and red please see the page in the Help Center on HTML code for cache pages.

A map overlay (.kml) showing MOD leased land - Dartmoor ranges. Merrivale and Okehampton can be downloaded here.

The map overlays can be downloaded and opened in Google Earth which is a free download for a PC and also as apps for Apple and Android. (N.B. These maps do not form part of any legal representation of land ownership and are created simply as a guide to areas for the purposes of placing a geocache container or marking an area where these are not permitted).

Area Covered


Last Modified

20th Dec 2015.


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