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Agreement Used
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150 cachers

Winchester City Council

Agreement Type:

Landowner Image


Winchester City Council


Richard Tucker (richt2000)

Start Date


Renewal Date



In principle I have no objections to you undertaking this activity on any of the city council sites that the Natural Environment and Recreation Team manage. Geocaches should be marked clearly with contact details eg the GAGB phone number (07092 040 416). Please abide by all the GAGB Geocaching guidelines when placing caches.

Winchester City Council reserve the right to remove geocaches should this be necessary.

The location of the sites that Winchester City Council manage is available on the website

Application Process

Would everyone who wishes to place a geocache on Winchester City Council land please contact Susan Lord – Open Space Project Officer by e mail to seek approval prior to placement and to confirm land ownership. Please include a description of the cache location with the address and postcode.

Area Covered


Last Modified

15th Jan 2020.


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