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Reading Borough Council's Parks Service

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Email: 0118 9373787


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Guidelines for Geocaching on land owned/managed by Reading Borough Council's Parks Service.

The following guidelines have been developed and published in order to ensure that the activity can progress in harmony with the many other interests and legal constraints involved with public open space including woodland.

• Ensure the cache container is clearly marked, stating that the content is harmless and giving the placer's email address or other contact method. Only items that would be deemed safe and acceptable for an unaccompanied child to find should be placed in the cache.

• No items of food or drink of any kind should be placed in the cache.

• Caches must not be buried, and holes must not be dug in order to place a cache.

• Caches must not be hidden in animal holes or runs.

• A Cache must not be hidden in a location so as to put in danger any person attempting to locate it. (Such as: up a tree, adjacent to a waterway/pond, close to a steep drop/slope etc..)

• Cache containers must not be placed inside a polythene bag.

• No caches should be of a commercial nature, either in location or content.

• Before placing a cache the Parks dept. must be informed so as to ensure that the cache does not compromise the management of the site.
Please Email: Please Telephone: 0118 9399045

• Maintenance of the cache is the responsibility of the placer and not the council or its representatives.

• When leaving the cache site, after finding or hiding a cache, there must be no visual sign of disturbance.

• For reasons of safety and security Reading Borough Council discourage Geocaching on their land during the hours of darkness.

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Last Modified

25th May 2023.


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