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Woodland Trust

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Dave Edwards (The Wombles)

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I am pleased to announce the agreement with the Woodland Trust who have kindly agreed this process and application for geocaches on their 1,000+ woodland sites across the UK. Thanks to the Woodland Trust for putting this in place.

Please note that GAGB guidelines for placing geocaches should be applied. in addition, the Woodland Trust does not want firetacks attached to trees.

Application Process

1. Identify the Woods where you would like to place your geocache on the Woodland Trust website here.

2. Visit the site to identify a suitable hiding place (in line with GAGB guidelines) and take GPS coords.

3. Whilst at the cache location, also take the OS grid reference on your GPS (change the settings to "British Grid" to take a 2 letter, 10 number reference). Do not forget to change your GPS back to WGS84 geocaching reference afterwards.

4. You can prepare the cache page on now. This will give you a GCXXXX waypoint, but do not forget to untick the "Yes, this listing is active" option to prevent the Reviewers from seeing it at this point.

5. Download the application form here. Complete the form and email as described to The form also includes full details of the Woodland Trust requirements.

6. The application will then be submitted to the relevant site manager who will decide whether to approve/reject the application (or contact you to discuss modifying the proposal to a more suitable location). You must not place the
geocache until permission has been granted by the site manager.

Wait for Woodland Trust approval or contact to discuss your cache location further.

7. When the Woodland Trust approves your cache they will email a copy of the form to you and to the reviewer listed on the form who will then add the permission to the cache page. You may then place your cache and submit it for review again.

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11th Aug 2014.


Do you have any feedback about this agreement? Click here to submit feedback to the committee.