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FC Cumbria

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Sally Birchall


Dave Edwards (The Wombles)

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FC Cumbria ask that if anyone would like to place geocaches on FC land that they contact FC Cumbria at the email address provided, with locations (coordinates). If the site(s) don’t conflict with any forestry, wildlife or recreation activity, permission will be given via return e-mail. No caches to be placed without email permission on FC land in Cumbria.

Please note that caches will not be permitted in Parkgate Forest.

Application process

Cache Placer email with locations - subject line "Geocache Placement Request"
FC Cumbria will review your request and reply via email with permission or explain any problems.
Cache Placer then confirms receipt of email in the reviewer note fields when publishing the cache. Cache Placer should be prepared to forward the permission email to the reviewer if requested.

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