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267 cachers

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority

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Karen Griffiths
Interpretation Officer
Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority


The Wombles

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The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority is very supportive of geocaching and has been placing caches of its own under the username "Dales Diva" on the small area of land that they own.

They are happy to try and help cachers find out the names of other landowners within the National Park so long as GAGB guidelines are applied. They can also advise on whether a proposed cache is likely to threaten a Scheduled Ancient Monument or Protected Area like an SSSI (Their ecologists and archaeologists are very positive about geocaching and must be kept that way).

The Park Authority have produced their own webpage on geocaching here:

Area Covered

England/Cumbria. England/North Yorkshire.

Last Modified

3rd Oct 2014.


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