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Agreement Used
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Jersey Environment Department, Jersey National Trust and New Water Works Company

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Jersey Environment Department
Jersey National Trust
New Water Works Company



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We now have a verbal agreement in place from the Environment Department and The Jersey National Trust to place caches on land administered by them. Both of them have agreed that the GAGB guidelines are very well written and are happy to have caches placed on their lands which adhere to the guidelines stated without permission being required.

As long as the GAGB guidelines are adhered to and cache placement is mindful of the SSIs and other fragile areas they dont have any other concerns and welcome the fact that we are advertising their land for people to come and enjoy and see.
Caches may be placed in areas of Dolmens and standing stones as long as the containers are not in or on them.

The only area where geocaching containers are NOT permitted is St Ouens pond and Grouville Marsh.

A map overlay (.kml) showing St Ouens pond and Grouville Marsh areas can be downloaded here.

The Jersey New Water Works Company have also agreed to allow caches on their land of Queens Valley and Val de la Mare Reservoir but the manager must be contacted first and a site visit arranged to agree a location before placement. Contact Derek Morris at JNWWco on 01534 707236.

A map overlay (.kml) showing Queens Valley and Val de la Mare Reservoir can be downloaded here.

The map overlays can be downloaded and opened in Google Earth which is a free download for a PC and also as apps for Apple and Android. (N.B. These maps do not form part of any legal representation of land ownership and are created simply as a guide to areas for the purposes of placing a geocache container or marking an area where these are not permitted).

The list of their land is as follows:
The Envo Dept:
La Lande du Ouest (Gorselands) SSI
Les Blanches Banques SSI
Les Landes SSI
Noirmont SSI
Ouaisné Common SSI
Portelet Common SSI
St Ouens Pond SSI (Not permitted)See map.
Grouville Marsh (Not permitted)See map.
La Mielle de Morville
Le Petit Pré
Les Creux
Rue des Pres Wetlands
St Catherines Woods
St Peters Valley

The Trust owns and /or maintains over 140 sites, consisting of either historic properties or lands.

Sites to visit / walks
1. Les Mielles walk
2. Le Moulin de Quetivel
3. St Lawrence walk
4. Hamptonne
5. Morel Farm pressoir
6. The Elms pressoir
7. Greve de Lecq Barracks
8. Col de la Rocque walk
9. Le Don Paton walk
10. La Vallette walk

12. Longueville Colombier
13. Louvain & Summerleigh
14. Victoria Tower
15. La Vallette
16. Catel Fort
17. Le Don Hilton
18. Le Don de Gruchy
19. Le Moulin de Tesson
20. La Ronce
21. Le Rat
22. Le Don Sparke-Davies

23. La Vallee des Vaux
24. Fern Valley
25. St Peters Valley
26. Portelet Common
27. Le Noir Pre
28. La Mare au Seigneur
29. Grantez
30. L Etacq
31. Col de La Rocque
32. Le Don Paton
33. Le Grand Cotil de Boulay
34. Le Saie
35. Les Maltieres
36. Le Hocq

Plus the other smaller areas along the North Coast and dotted around the island but which arent listed on the JNT main www. site due to size. The ones listed above are the most representative sites, ranging from farms and lavoirs to fortifications, and from grazing pastures to marshes and ponds.

Area Covered

Channel Islands/All.

Last Modified

6th Jul 2016.


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