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267 cachers

National Trust (Buttermere & Ennerdale)

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MBFace (email through
& Dave of The Wombles

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"We are as an organisation quite happy to encourage this sport of geocaching, although as a Property we will need to monitor any impacts of this activity on the environment and possibly limit the number of caches where necessary.
We also require that the following key environmental principles for caches on NT land are adhered to:
- They should not be buried
- They should not be placed where other visitors might find them
- They should not promote potentially dangerous behaviour (eg. a request for a cache to be placed on a small island in a lake has been turned down to discourage swimming)
- They should not disrupt sensitive natural habitats."

The area covered has the following boundaries: OS grid Eastings NY 05 and 23 and Northings NY 10 and 23 plus land enclosed by Easting NY 05 and the western boundary of the National Park. This includes land owned/managed privately or by the FC, other NT areas, the National Park but any potential new locations in this area should be referred to the Warden Mark Astley so that he can adjudicate on NT land or refer the placers elsewhere.

The location of a cache must be agreed in advance of placement. Location details (map coordinates and description) must be sent to: (and cc'ed to

This agreement precedes the national agreement with the NT, so we've left it in place here.

Area Covered


Last Modified

28th Feb 2014.


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