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266 cachers

South Kesteven District Council

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South Kesteven District Council
Council Offices
St Peter's Hill
NG31 6PZ
Tel: 01476 406080


Russ Price (The Klever Boys)

Start Date


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A process has been agreed with the South Kesteven District Council (SKDC) that allows applications for caches placed on SKDC land to be considered for approval on an individual basis.

The process is summarised below:

1. The Geocacher wishing to place a cache on SKDC land identifies a suitable hiding place (in line with the GAGB guidelines, which are on the GAGB website and also on page two of the submission form) and takes an Ordnance Survey Grid Reference reading.

2. He/she downloads and fills out this form from the GAGB website and submits it to SKDC via e-mail to Lynne Leconte, giving details of location, etc. All necessary e-mail addresses are included on the application form.

3. The form is reviewed by SKDC and approved/rejected accordingly and e-mailed back to the applicant.

4. If the cache is approved, the Geocacher forwards the form to each of the Geocaching Reviewers via e-mail and submits the cache for publication.

Area Covered


Last Modified

23rd Mar 2021.


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