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283 cachers

FC Thames Chase Community Forest

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frozboz has concluded a Land Owner Agreement Process for the Forestry Commission Thames Chase Community Forest area. It is based on the standard F.C. Geocaching agreement, but with the notable difference that the Geocacher / Person seeking the permission does not need to attach a map - the Ranger wants to do that himself.

The process to be followed is:

1) The cacher identifies a potential location and captures the coordinates whilst on site.
2) The cacher creates a geocache record on but does not submit it for review. The purpose of this is (a) to get the GC reference number (b) to get the correct British Grid coordinates corresponding to the GPS Lat / Long
3) The cacher completes the F.C. Permission form sends it to the contact given on the form.
4) The Thames Chase Ranger will review the submission and advise whether or not permission is granted.
5) If permission is granted, the physical cache is placed.
6) The cacher makes a Reviewer note in the cache log indicating that Land Owner permission has been received.
7) The cache enables the cache for Review.
8) The normal review process now occurs.

The woods covered by the agreement are those that comprise the Thames Chase Community Forest as described here.
Luke Everitt is the local Forestry Commission contact.

Area Covered

England/City of London. England/Essex.

Last Modified

23rd Apr 2021.


Do you have any feedback about this agreement? Click here to submit feedback to the committee.