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Isle of Man - Manx National Heritage

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Manx National Heritage



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Manx National Heritage will allow the placing of caches on land owned or maintained by them, subject to the following conditions.

From MNHs point of view, for the purposes of dealing with any future requests for placement of geocaches and to avoid any potential conflict, it may help to understand MNHs role and also to suggest some guidelines.

By way of general background, MNH sites and landholdings contain areas that may be particularly sensitive from either archaeological or habitat perspectives. MNH also has a wider duty in relation to the protection of ancient monuments and where formal guardianship exists, the maintenance of monuments that are not within MNH ownership. The Manx Museum and National Trust Act 1959 and Bye-laws prescribe MNHs powers and duties and set down measures designed to regulate, preserve and protect Trust property.

In the case of habitats, some MNH sites have an additional level of statutory protection in the form of ASSI (Area of Special Scientific Interest) and NNR (National Nature Reserve) designations and in one instance, a European RAMSAR designation.

There may be sensitive locations where MNH does not wish to encourage a greater concentration of public access and use and each case will need to be considered on its merits.

MNH also has a duty to provide access to and enjoyment of buildings and places within its ownership or care and undertaken responsibly, geocaching may be acceptable on MNH sites, except within the curtilage of listed and/or guardianship monuments but subject to the following:

• Prior to any geocache being placed on MNH land an email request should be made to containing the draft geocache description of the site and detailed GPS reference for the cache location;
• MNH will normally endeavour to respond to the request by email within 10 working days;
• The placement of the cache must be non-destructive/non-invasive;
• The placement of the cache must present no increase in the risk of subsequent damage by erosion at or on the approaches to the location;
• The cache can be reached by established footways and access points;
• There is no risk of disturbance to protected bird, animal or plant life;
• MNH reserves the right to remove any cache without notice if it deems appropriate to do so;
• Any consent to locate the geocache on MNH land should be acknowledged in the geocache description.

All caches placed on MNH land should meet GAGB general guidelines, which MNH are familiar with and approve of.

Application Process

Contact with the information requested above.

Area Covered

Isle of Man/All.

Last Modified

6th Jul 2016.


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