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286 cachers

Dartmoor National Park

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This agreement was originally negotiated by Keehotee and updated by Dartmoor Dave. For queries please contact Dave directly.

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Dartmoor National Park Authority (DNPA) are generally willing to have geocaches on their land and ask that people adhere to their geocaching policy which is available here:

DNPA Website

The DNPA is outlined in yellow on the OS 1:50 scale maps. Click here for an example.

Please note that caches may not be placed in the following specific areas:

Dartmoor - Spitchwick Commons including Sharp Tor
Dartmoor - Whitchurch Common
Note that at Roos Tor, the SSSI location remains subject to further checks - please do not place a cache within the Roos Tor SSSI area without first checking the location with the negotiator (Dave). This is specific to certain areas around Roos Tor (formally subject to a blanket ban) while the DNPA conduct further checks.

Please refer to these entries in the "Not Permitted" section of the GLAD.

Further, please note that Scheduled​ ​Ancient​ ​Monuments​ (SAM) are legally protected areas and caches may or may not be allowed in such locations. You will need to contact the negotiator (Dave Martin 'Dartmoor Dave' - see link above) who is the liaison with the DNPA and give him the coordinates so he can check with the
DNPA. He will not be able to see your cache as it's not published so don't send him a link. Dave will reply to you via email and if the location is approved please copy the text of his email as a Reviewer Note on the cache and submit it for review again. If the location is not suitable then you will need to move the cache.

Application Process

No specific application process is required, but all cache seekers and owners must agree to abide by the DNPA guidelines as explained above.

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Last Modified

23rd Apr 2021.


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