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323 cachers

National Trust HQ (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

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National Trust
Contact the local Warden through the Regional Offices listed here.


Dave Edwards (The Wombles)

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The agreement sets the principles which apply to geocaching on National Trust land and states:

* "We welcome geocaching on our land provided caches are sited responsibly"
* "Permission to site a cache will only be denied where the site is not suitable and in most cases an appropriate alternative will be found."
* Caches are not allowed on the Worms Head in South Wales. Click here for details.

Caches must be placed in accordance with GAGB guidelines.

Caches must be placed with respect to the sensitive nature of National Trust properties and in such a way to avoid damage eg not placed where a searcher could cause damage through their search.

In order to place a geocache, individuals should follow the process outlined below. Should your local contact be unaware of geocaching then ask them to access the INTERNAL National Trust Intranet and search for "Guidance Note RAG 10, Geocaching" which describes the agreement.

1. Cacher visits the potential geocache location and records OS coordinates, description of location via landmarks and 'walk-in' description of how to find it.
2. Cacher contacts the Property direct (if possible) and requests permission
3. Alternatively, cacher contacts the Regional office (contact details here) with the name/details of the property where they wish to place a cache and the details of the proposed cache location.
4. National Trust will advise if cache would be in a suitable location (or if property is suitable for a cache).
5. Permission will be granted by letter.

Area Covered

England/Bedfordshire. England/Berkshire. England/Bristol. England/Buckinghamshire. England/Cambridgeshire. England/Cheshire. England/City of London. England/Cornwall. England/Cumbria. England/Derbyshire. England/Devon. England/Dorset. England/County Durham. England/East Riding of Yorkshire. England/East Sussex. England/Essex. England/Gloucestershire. England/Greater London. England/Greater Manchester. England/Hampshire. England/Herefordshire. England/Hertfordshire. England/Isle of Wight. England/Kent. England/Lancashire. England/Leicestershire. England/Lincolnshire. England/Merseyside. England/Norfolk. England/North Yorkshire. England/Northamptonshire. England/Northumberland. England/Nottinghamshire. England/Oxfordshire. England/Rutland. England/Shropshire. England/Somerset. England/South Yorkshire. England/Staffordshire. England/Suffolk. England/Surrey. England/Tyne and Wear. England/Warwickshire. England/West Midlands. England/West Sussex. England/West Yorkshire. England/Wiltshire. England/Worcestershire. England/All. Wales/All. Wales/North Wales. Wales/South Wales. Northern Ireland/All.

Last Modified

19th Jan 2022.


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