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1st August 2010 – Mega CITO at the Lade – GC29KND

Posted by: admin on 1st Aug 2010

1st August 2010 – Mega CITO at the Lade -GC29KND

Location: Northern Scotland
Organiser: Mega Scotland (Haggis Hunter)

Attendees: Minimum of 70 logged attendees
Collected: Loads

I was a bit worried that we wouldn’t have enough to do, but in good Geocaching CITO style we managed to find junk that was most certainly hidden. I think given the time we had and the area we were cleaning we all done a fantastic job. Everyone who ‘took’ part should be proud to claim their CITO icon.

I am extremely pleased with the turnout and the work that was done. Thank you everyone, if it hadn’t been for you then we wouldn’t have made a difference.
Haggis Hunter

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