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8th August 2010 – Sandbay CITO Event – GC2AQJ7

Posted by: admin on 8th Aug 2010

8th August 2010 – Sandbay CITO Event -GC2AQJ7

Location: South West England
Organiser: t1mmy l & Gamma Ray

Attendees: 35
Collected: 25 rubbish bags, 2 tyres, 1 oil drum and a table top!

On Sunday the 8th of august gamma ray and I held a Cache In Trash Out event in Sandbay near Weston-super-Mare. It was a success for my first event I think as we had 20 geocaching names with 35 people. We collected about 25 full bags of litter plus on top of that 2 rubber tires and one burnt out one which was solid, an oil drum and a table top.

The event was due to start at 13:00 but as I only had two geocaching groups at that point and no litter pickers or bin bags it was a bit worrying but those people set of to get some ftf’s on the 6 caches which I placed then minutes later the equipment supplied by north Somerset council arrived. Then more and more people started to turn up. With over 30 geocoins/travel bugs shared and discovered. At the end of the day the rangers came back for the second van full which took the tires and oil drum. The person who collected the most litter was kayak1978 who got 5 bags of litter 3 tires and one oil drum.

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