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Cache In Trash Out – August 2010 update

Posted by: admin on 31st Aug 2010

Cache In Trash Out – August 2010 update

So far in 2010 a total of eleven (11) ‘Cache In Trash Out’ events have been held by the UK Geocaching community resulting in:

378 - Participants involved in litter collections
402 – Bags of litter collected

Congratulations to all the event organisers:

Rosserllwyd (Southern Scotland)
bowly (Southern England
Haggis Hunter (Southern Scotland)
Martletsman (South East England)
OVERANOUT (Yorkshire & Humberside)
The Imp (East Midlands)
jhewitt15 (North West England)
igxkls and Mat Smith (East Midlands)
Evil Edna (Southern England)
Mega Scotland/ Haggis Hunter (Northern Scotland)
timmyl (South West England)

and attendees for contributing to this worthwhile activity – we look forward to your events during 2011.

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