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GAGB Featured Geocache Series #3 - Church Micro

Posted by: sharant on 3rd Oct 2018

GAGB Featured Geocache Series #3 - Church Micro

Our next featured series is Church Micro - the largest geocache series in the world, with over 12,000 caches. This is a national series, in which caches are placed near churches. We spoke the creator of the series, Steve (sadexploration), in Seeker Issue 11. He says “I think the main reason they [Church Micros] have caught on so well is they are generally placed at a ‘point of interest’, which, after all, is what Geocaching is all about” So, go and find a Church Micro to discover a beautiful church near you, and why not find somewhere to place one of your own!

Church Micro

 🚶🏼 Varies (normally short, or next to parking)
⏱ Varies (normally between a few minutes and an hour)
🏁 GC17878
📷 Photo credit: Border Caz

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