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GAGB Featured Geocache Series - Behind Enemy Lines

Posted by: sharant on 11th May 2020

GAGB Featured Geocache Series - Behind Enemy Lines

Here's another series for you to look forward to completing. Behind Enemy Lines is a series in North Shropshire, with all of the caches located near old WW2 airfields. The caches are split between three alert levels: Yellow (elevated), Orange (high) and Red (severe). The Yellow level caches give you the details required to find the Orange level caches, which in turn provide you with the details to find the Red level cache… the grand finale! There’s a mix of Traditional, Multi and Puzzle caches. It’s possible to complete the series in one day - if you do, your name will be added to the ‘Hall of Fame’.

Behind Enemy Lines

 🚶🏼 Varies per cache
⏱ Varies per cache
🔗 -- Series placed by: The Bolas Heathens (adopted by Border Caz and Manxrose) Nominated by: Ant of sharant
📷 Photo credit: alp28

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