Photo Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our photo competition, 'Cache with a View'. We recieved 57 valid entries.

The GAGB committee served as the judges, and used the published guidelines and criteria to pick the winners. Photos were kept anonymous, with the submitter not known by the judges until after the decisons were finalised.

The judges submitted initial scores and then donated a Friday evening to a long online debate to determine the winners from the shortlist.

Photos had to adhere to the theme, 'Cache with a View', and be taken at or near a geocache in the UK. The purpose of the competition was to find a new website header image/masthead. So, something that not only looked great but could fit the webpage and take our logo well.

Congratulations to all the winners.

First Place

First Place

Photographer: Gareth Williams (welshman68)
Geocache: GC7A6ZH
Description: View across Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

This just goes to show how you can win a photo competition with a great eye for a good spot and good understanding of the guidelines of the competition – this was taken by Gareth with just a Galaxy 6 phone!

This is perfect for the masthead on our website, and contrasts well with our former photo (a tor). We’ll ‘photoshop’ it a bit to make it fit, lighten it up, and make space for our logo -in our mock-ups this came out best all-round winner for the job!

The Gower is also a great location to draw people to – the judges love that we can celebrate a place with great geocaching available right at hand!

Second place

Second Place

Photographer: Isaac Ogden (heartradio)
Geocache: GCXNBN
Description: High Willhays, Dartmoor, the highest point in the UK south of the Brecon Beacons

What an amazing photo! Taken with a NIKON D7200, this shows us the value of having proper photographic equipment, as well as a great eye for composition and location. The judges all loved how a ‘normal’ scene like a tor with a view, and dark clouds, could look so good. The range of colours here is part of what makes it a great photo, and it is sharp, fully focused, with great depth of field and range of contrast. We tried it with our logo and it works well, however we do currently have a tor as our masthead, so the judges felt it would be good to try something different for a while!

Third Place

Third Place

Photographer: Jenn Hill (Jennthefunkyranger)
Geocache: Between GC1KZHD and GC1NRMJ
Description: Cheviot Hills, Northumberland

Geocaching in winter is something to be celebrated in itself, but since that was not a criteria for this competition, it’s just a happy piece of synchronicity that our winter photo competition has a winter scene as a winner. The photo , taken with a Finepix S9200, meets the needs of our website in terms of ability to crop and fit a wide scene, and our logo stands out nicely from the colours in the shot. The contrast here is good and generally the judges just liked it as a representation of geocaching in the UK! Nice use of sheep and mud too. Well done!

Highly Commended

All of these entries are listed here in no particular order.

Two of the above winners also submitted other great photos that made it onto our shortlist for the top prizes, and the judges are very happy to showcase these as well – despite not winning a prize (only one prize per person), they are well worth celebrating, as they are brilliant!

Highly Commended A

Photographer: Isaac Ogden (heartradio)
Geocache: GC7BCJT
Description: St Michael's Church, Brent Tor, Dartmoor

While an amazing photo, the rather severe cliff edge made some of us a bit giddy – maybe not what we need in a masthead, but nevertheless a great photo and worthy of praise!

Highly Commended B

Photographer: Gareth Williams (welshman65)
Geocache: GC5QBMQ
Description: Looking down from the Rhigos

A very well-composed photo, with the hills and the horizon forming a nice horizontal and great use of proportions. We tried plonking our logo in here and felt it just didn’t quite work – but a great photo!

Highly Commended C

Photographer: Gareth Williams (welshman65)
Geocache: GC5PFP3
Description: Glyncorrwg Ponds, a huge number of caches in this area.

A fabulous photo – the symmetry goes in several dimensions and the eye has a central focal point – the blue makes it great. However, when cropped to fit our masthead, it loses all of its brilliance and just becomes a close-up of a metal box! Nevertheless a great photo!

Here are the rest of the Highly Commended photos (in no particular order) - each a prize-winner:

Highly Commended D

Photographer: Colin Howie (CaptainMowser)
Geocache: GC54E1T
Description: This secluded path in Ayrshire woodland leads up towards the first cache in a great series (A walk in Aljoland).

Highly Commended E

Photographer: Andrew Halling (Andrew & Barbara)
Geocache: GC2145K
Description: Ullswater

Highly Commended F

Photographer: Natasha Fenwick (Fishy12)
Geocache: GC6HK1V
Description: View of Tiumpan Head Lighthouse, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Highly Commended G

Photographer: Klare Sherwood (RavenDecay)
Geocache: GC7D7KG
Description: Photo is of a dead tree in a lake, where all the trees seem to be dead for some unknown reason. Think this used to be a quarry. Taken with a long exposure filter on a lovely sunny winter morning. Familiar as the photo of the month on the Cachers’ Eye FaceBook group!

Highly Commended H

Photographer: Emma Keeling (emmakeeling)
Geocache: GC7EF3
Description: View Across the Exe.

Highly Commended I

Photographer: Katie Clarke (Guiding Nutter)
Geocache: GC18NZ2
Description: Descent from the Roaches.

Highly Commended J

Photographer: Natasha Fenwick (Fishy12), who can’t win two prizes but this a great photo nevertheless, and deserves an honourable mention!
Geocache: Taken from GC3KT8V, but looking towards GC5XD8W and GC744WZ
Description: View of Butt of Lewis lighthouse, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland.

Chair’s Personal Special Mention

While not winning a prize, this photo gets our Chair’s Personal Special Mention as a great photo at a great time – with the 100th anniversary of the RAF this month, this photo from the Isle of Man is fitting as well as a fab showcase for geocaching. There is a “UK” connection with this photo too, with all nations of the UK visible from here!

Chair's Special Mention

Photographer: Angie & Alan Brooke (twoofnine)
Geocache: GC6QREX, now archived. Nearest active cache is GC5XX37
Description: The Spitfire was a temporary exhibit for an "Island at War" event but there are incredible views from Snaefell, the only mountain on the Isle of Man and home to several caches, whenever the weather permits. Indeed, another nearby cache is called "Six Kingdoms" as England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and Neptune's Kingdom can all be seen from here.

Prize Draw Winner

All entrants, irrespective of their placing in the competition, were enterted into a prize draw.

Congratulations to: Andrew Halling (Andrew & Barbara)