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Forestry England - West District

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Forestry England - West District


Chris Warren

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The Forestry England West District is sub-divided into three areas: 

It is unclear exactly where the boundaries split but a map showing the region as a whole can be seen here.

The South area includes Bristol, the Mendips, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and some of Dorset.  Central and North includes Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire and some of Staffordshire.

Geocache placement guidelines for the region can be viewed here.

Application Process

Each sub-district has it’s own application form and email address for sending the completed form to:

South Permissions West England

Application form here – Email to

Central Permissions West England

Application form here – Email to

North Permissions West England

Application form here – Email to

Area Covered

England/Berkshire. England/Bristol. England/Cornwall. England/Devon. England/Dorset. England/Gloucestershire. England/Herefordshire. England/Oxfordshire. England/Shropshire. England/Somerset. England/Staffordshire. England/Warwickshire. England/Wiltshire. England/Worcestershire.

Last Modified

25th Jul 2022.


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