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GAGB Annual Weekend 2018

Posted by: Admingray on 11th May 2018

The GAGB can now confirm that the GAGB Annual Weekend 2018 will be the weekend of Saturday 15th September and Sunday 16th September.

We therefore invite all our members to hold CITO (Cache In Trash Out) events on these dates. Cache In Trash Out is an ongoing environmental initiative supported by the worldwide geocaching community. Since 2002, geocachers have been dedicated to cleaning up parks and other cache-friendly places around the world. Through these volunteer efforts, we help preserve the natural beauty of our outdoor resources. You can find out more about CITO on our own CITO page and's page.

This year, our Annual Weekend falls within's own CITO week. So, by organising your GAGB CITO for September 15th/16th, you and your attendees will gain a souvenir for your profiles, as well as giving something back to the environment and being part of what we hope will be the biggest GAGB Annual Weekend ever.

It is best to start organising your GAGB CITO event in the coming days/weeks. Please name your event as follows: GAGB 2018: [pick a name for your event]

The GAGB Committee will try their best to organise as many GAGB CITO events as possible between them. However, we need YOU to organise your own too - especially as we want to make this year's Annual Weekend bigger and better than ever before. If you were already planning to hold a CITO for CITO week, why not organise it for the 15th/16th and make it a GAGB one?

Last year, we had 274 attended logs across 21 events we estimate that over 500 individual people came along. The events were each smaller than in previous years but there were more than triple the amount events to choose from to attend (after last year’s seven). This makes this weekend our most successful GAGB Annual Weekend yet!

It is not as difficult or challenging as you may think to organise a CITO event. Our official Annual Weekend 2018 webpage has some tips and other useful information. If you need any help whatsoever, just contact the GAGB committee - we're more than happy to help.

Please note that more information may be announced nearer the time - keep an eye on social media; we'll use #GAGB2018 when referring to our Annual Weekend.

Please see our Annual Weekend 2018 webpage for more information.

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