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GAGB Trackable Race 2019

Posted by: Griff Grof on 8th Jan 2019

The GAGB is running a trackable race in 2019, 'Racing Hounds'. To join the race, choose a dog breed, purchase the tag from our Online Shop, and place it in a cache or event to start its journey.

These are the race categories: 

Long Distance Runner Race: Every dog tag is entered into the main race. The winner is the hound that travels the furthest between January 12th 2019 and January 3rd 2020. 

Best of Breed Races: Each breed has a different goal.

  1. Retriever: the dog tag that is picked up the most times.
  2. Pointer: the dog tag that has the most ‘discover’ logs.
  3. Setter: the dog tag that clocks up the most mileage without leaving the British Isles.
  4. Boxer: The TB that is dropped off or visits the most caches that are ‘small', 'regular' or 'large'.

Tags cost £5.50 each, or can be purchased as a full set of four for £20. We are pleased to be donating 50% of all profits to the upcoming UK Mega Events. 

We hope you choose to join the race!

* More information about the race (rules, eligibility) and current standings ➡ trackable-race.php

* Buy your tag here ➡

Racing Hounds

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